Technology influences on generations

Technology and the influence on values: Technology influences any society, from the first telephone to the smartness of today. It has always been a very fast growing and developing mechanism and has changed a lot throughout the generations. Today’s generation, ” Generation Z” Is known as ‘the generation of technology and sometimes referred to as the ‘selfish gene’. The place that technology plays on enforcing values and morals has become more prominent than in previous generations.

In comparison to previous generation such s the ‘Baby Boomers’, later generations have changed a lot in both their times and their values and accessibility to technology. For example, the typical values of a baby boomer in the workplace displays values of a strong work ethic, loyalty and dedication and a person being from the Generation Z era shows values of respect, restraint and responsibility. None of which are worse or better than one another but it Just shows how the workplace values of the generations have changed.

This could be because of baby boomers tending to stick to their Jobs and stay in the one career s they’re a more of the traditional generation and It was a lot harder to find a Job, so loyalty Is an Important value In their life. Whereas Generation Z are more likely to switch careers or career paths as there are much more opportunities and It Is much easier and acceptable to do that in today’s society than In earlier generations. Values depend upon information, without that they would just be a meaningless ritual.

Because of information being much more accessible and versatile from things like the internet and search engines such as Google, values have changed. There are any things that values can arise from being family, culture, experiences and ideas of future goals such as marriage. Social media plays a huge part in values as it allows there to be an exploration in identity, this is where the idea of digital narcissism comes in as social media can be seen as a self-indulgent practice that epitomizes the ease of access to exploit themselves on social networking.

Hence why Gene Z Is also known as the ‘selfish gene’. It can be used as a way of behaving immorally and allows people to act collectively across boundaries, as It shifts the view in privacy of others ND lets the Immorality of people to become more acceptable, you can see this from things like cyber-bullying (bullying or harassment over the internet) as it displays the lack of respect and basic morality Gregory S. Smith, an English professor at Oxford University said he has noticed the decline in the quality of writing among younger generations and believes this is because of technology.

Technology influences communication, like testing instead of calling, skipping instead of seeing each other in real life and it can affect how we organize our thoughts like internet and social media over education and learning. Also the change in language can affect the writing quality as later generations have slang derived from the Internet and social media can affect how others communicate and interact with one another, changing the morals of socializing and sense of world. Personally, I use technology as a source of communication and Information; it enables me to explore my Interests and plays a part In my social life.

I think It Influences self-e-esteem and expectations of beauty and enforces the principles of colonization. Getting social media at a young age, affected of expressing an opinion or personal view, especially to others. A website that impacted me greatly was ask. FM, which enables others to ask questions or tell you something anonymously. This caused a lot of harassment and made me a victim of cyber-bullying; this made me start to perceive social media in a negative way, and impacted my adolescence and body image.

The way that it affects body image is by the constant reinforcement of standards for women and men on technology from things like pictures shared through social media, celebrities setting high standards and the opinions of others being shared about their standards and because of the easier access to the media on the internet the age of negative body image is getting lower and lower, in fact statistics prove that on average children spend around six to seven hours on the internet.

This can cause for concern as children are easily influenced and don’t have an ability to distinguish the state of truth and false. Technology can be very time consuming as well, as it can be stimulating and tends to capture the attention of people. I can find this relatable as I struggle to fall asleep after the use of my phone and other forms of technology. A study shows that the use r the looking at a screen can reduce the production of melatonin, the chemical required to fall asleep.

This makes sleep-deprivation a common thing in young people and it affects the procrastination of our thoughts and the way we organize them. Sleep-deprivation affects all sorts of things such as the overall mood of someone, and learning/concentration difficulties, this can lead to problems with education and schooling. The way of learning has also been affected in a way of which I access my information and the process of education. So technology does play a huge part in my life and it did from a young age.

This started with the transition of blackboards/ whiteboards to interactive boards like the Smart Board technology and the more prominent use of computers at an early stage of my education. The way in which work is submitted has even changed a lot, through websites like Model (a website that allows notifications and notes or work can be submitted and looked over) and via email. The value of education has changed because of the rapid change in technology and the evident, earlier use of it, it has made it a good platform in learning for me and I like my learning to be interactive.

Technology also has a lot of stigma surrounding it and the way that young people obsess over it, but I don’t think that it’s something to be so frowned upon and I disagree with Generation Z being known as the lazy generation, because the access of technology being better than other generations. However I do agree that the dynamic change in technology has changed the values and morals of today’s generations, in both a negative and positive way. It does play a major role in my life in all aspects and has affected my way of thinking.

But it has also allowed me to become more open minded as there is more exposure to other sides of the media as well as other cultures and different types of people. There is definitely more of reliability on technology and the dependency of information, which affects the view of the world. The change in the values of today have definitely altered a lot and technology can influence them but I don’t think that technology has completely changed those values but made it more easier to communicate them and make the access of voicing of opinion easier. I don’t think that Generation Z should be known as having such an ‘easy lifestyle.