Task2 multimedia lesson

Order 562639 Learning Objective: from grades 5-9 will be able to describe, and locate each of the planets in the Solar System duringclass.
Duration: 60 minutes
Teacher: Good morning/ afternoon students. Today we will explore our Solar System. Anybody in the class who can tell us what is the Solar System?
(After two or three students have given their answers, teacher will show a poster about the Solar System to the class while giving brief definition.)
Teacher: Brilliant answers. The Solar System is made up of moons, planets, asteroids, comets, dust, and gas that orbits around the sun. The earth (teacher points to where earth is in the poster) is but just one of the nine planets that orbits around the sun. The other planets which can be found in the solar system are (teacher to point location of each planet in the poster) Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
Teacher: To know the Solar System and the planets better, I want you to watch this video titled “ All about the Solar System”.
(Teacher turns on the video. Students will be watching the video in their seats.)
Teacher: Thank you class for watching the video attentively. Now to test what you have learned from the video we will have a game called the solar system jigsaw puzzle. This game will require team work and will not only measure how fast your group can fit the correct pieces together but also how well you can locate the planets position in the solar system.
(Teacher will divide the students into three groups and distribute the jigsaw puzzle. Students will form their group and chose a clear place to work the jigsaw puzzle.)
Teacher: Alright students at the count of three start solving your jigsaw puzzle. One, two, three!!!
(Teacher will observe the time and evoke students to hasten in their activity. Stop the game when one group has completed the puzzle. Ask all the students to take a look at the completed puzzle, then to the remaining puzzles.)
Teacher: Congratulations to the winning group and good job to everyone. I would like everybody to go back to their seats. This time each of you will be reading silently. I will be giving you a book to read for 15 minutes. After reading I will ask some questions about the planets and anyone can answer then after we will be having another activity which you will do individually.
(Teacher will distribute reading material entitled “ Our Solar System Reproducible Book”. The book contains the basic information on solar system that is the sun and the nine planets around it.)
Teacher: Okay class, ready for the next activity?
(If the class is ready proceed to next activity, if a number are not ready extend time.)
Teacher: Before we proceed to the individual activity lets have the “ name the planet” first. I will ask questions and you will have to tell me what planet it is. Ready?
(Any student can answer the question.)
1. Largest of all the planets, rotates rapidly, has the Great Red Spot and +49 moons. Who am I? Answer- Jupiter.
2. 7th planet from the Sun, a bluish-green gas giant, rolls on its side, has 27+ moons. Who am I? Answer- Uranus.
3. The only planet known to support life, has an atmosphere and volcanic activity. Who am I? Answer- Earth.
4. Small rocky planet, closest to the Sun, without an atmosphere. Who am I? Answer- Mercury.
5. 2nd planet from the Sun, hot and with a dense atmosphere of CO2. Who am I? Answer- Venus.
6. 8th planet from the Sun, a bluish gas giant, coldest atmosphere, has 13+ moons. Who am I? Answer- Neptune.
7. Second largest planet, a gas giant with most distinctive rings, has 52+ moons. Who am I? Answer– Saturn.
8. Called the “ Red Planet”, has a thin atmosphere, polar ice caps, and 2 moons. Who am I? Answer- Mars.
(The teacher will distribute the “ Styrofoam Solar System Kit” to each student. Students will build their own solar system based on what they have learned from the day’s lesson. Teacher will play background music “ Solarbeat” while students are doing their work.)
Teacher: Thank you and very good students. Now I will distribute this “ Styrofoam Solar System Kit” for your last activity. Based on what you have seen on the video, what you read, and our previous activities, I want each of you to make your own model of the Solar System using this kit. The kit has styrofoam balls, rings, and rods to complete your Solar System. Each one of you will have to work on your Solar System until the end of class. If you are not able to finish building your Solar System, you can take it home, finish the installation and paint it accordingly. Bring it back and submit to me in our next meeting. While you are building your Solar System you will be listening to a music entitled “ Solarbeat” by Luke Twyman.
1. Picture: (1) Poster: The poster will give a flat visual presentation of the solar system for the students to see the locations and appearance of the planets. Size is 36×24 inches available in store online at amazon. com and at the library. (2) Jigsaw puzzle: The “ Solar System floor puzzle” is 48 pieces, 2×3 feet in size available in bookstores.
2. Video: The will provide basic orientation on the solar system, its components and how it stared as well description and composition of the nine planets around the sun. Video is available in online store at amazon. com.
3. Text: It’s a reproducible book by McDonald Publishing Company available at online store www. teachersparadise. com. The book discusses the solar system, planets, moon, sun, stars, and asteroids.
4. Solar System model: The model is 7. 8 ounce, ship and sold by Stuff 4 Scrapbooking at amazon. com.
5. Audio: Solarbeat is a musicbox generated sing the orbital frequencies” of the Solar System.
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