Taking out summer vacation? assignment

Taking Out Summer Vacation? BY shib06 Taking out summer vacations? Remember the feeling of knowing that today is the last day of school? The last day before summer kicks in! Well, summer vacation might be over… forever! Year- round school, also known as YRS, is a thought being considered by many schools in the USA and Canada. But is it something that will actually enhance and expand students’ academic growth? According to many people, school and summer vacations should remain as is, “ Having year round school would be very stressful to kids” (Anonymous, Debate. rg). There are several reasons why summer vacations hould persist. Summer breaks are the only time of the year when students can stop being students and forget about school! It is the time when both, teachers and students can go on a family vacation without the stress of catching up when they get back! Lastly, summer vacations are a huge opportunity for students to get a Job and earn their volunteer hours without distressing about an assignment to do later on in the day!

One of the main reasons why summer vacations should continue on is because that is the time when students can relax and lay off the stress that kids from grade ne to university go through all year long, specially the students in higher studies. Between a seven hour school day, homework, projects, and tests to study for, kids get extremely stressed out, and if year round school takes effect, it can cause a lot of harm to all students, no matter what age group the kids are in. Stress can cause several effects such as, nervousness, lack of concentration and these effects can lead up to an unhealthy living!

Students might start eating unhealthy for the extra boost and others might even stop eating eventually, stress can also cause deficiency of rest! With a bad sleeping cycle, the brain will not have enough energy to work properly and concentrate on what is needed to be done, therefore causing more stress and eventually this stress can turn into violence; bullying, because kids will not have time to relax and cool down their mind which can cause them to burst out on anyone who bothers them even for a bit!

Therefore, the idea of year round school can back fire on the government, resulting in something opposite of what was supposed to happen; summer break should stay because that is the period of time where kids do not have o carry the burden of stress on their backs and worry about tests, assignments or reports needed to be done! Another major reason can be the fact that summer breaks are the only time of the year where kids, parents and teachers can spend time with their families!

According to a survey in Columbia “ 85 percent of respondents said they took their major family vacation in the summer before year-round school, whereas only 40 percent said they did so after year-round school. ” (Ho, miear-round school changes traditional family summer vacation”) This clearly shows that a two months long together. The warm weather allows kids to get active, go outside, Join camps, sport teams and do something that would not be possible at any other time of the year and after all the marking all year long, this break gives teachers time to relax their brains as well as their hands!

After all, it is hard to handle at least 120 different kids for 7 hours a day and for five days a week for 10 months! Lastly, it gives parents a chance to spend some quality time with their families, and in some cases, where there are parents out their which do not get to see their families for 5 days a week, sometimes ven a whole week because of all the work load and deadlines parents have. Thus, summer breaks should continue on as it give families some time to unite and spend quality time together and as well as giving students and teachers an opportunity of enjoying the outdoors without having due dates and the tension of catching up.

Lastly, summer vacations give high school and university students a great chance to earn their volunteer hours as well as earn some extra cash! If summer vacations were replaced by YRS, teenagers that need to work to help support themselves or make money for college may have difficulty holding or finding a Job nd having no Job can result in students dropping out of universities and colleges, which will eventually lower Canada’s education level.

On the other hand, students which cannot earn their required volunteer hours are held back, which ends up with them falling behind in their education! Summer Vacations also give students a fresh start every year! This fresh start gives students a boost a lot of positive energy! It allows students to forget about the past and set new goals for the New Year! Therefore, summer breaks should remain as is because it allows many students to arn some money for funds, get the needed volunteer hours and start fresh!

In conclusion, summer vacation is a thing which needs to stay and should not be replaced by year-round school. It gives students a chance to relax and forget about the stress which they go through all year long! It is the only time of the year when teachers, students and parents get an opportunity to spend time with their families without caring about anything else and lastly it gives a chance to teenagers to earn their volunteer hours and allows them to earn and save up some money hich will go towards their educational funds; thus resulting in a better future.

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