System analysis and design

number 25 October Increase in Demand for Data Specialists Increased demand for big data analytics is the trend as indicated by computer world. In addition, big companies such as SAS Institute and IBM have been lobbying schools to provide advanced degree levels in analytics as there is demand for more experts in this field than ever before.
Colleges have been offering analytical training over the years. However, there is the demand to have advanced degree programs in analytical training that also provide instructions in analytical and business intelligence training tools for collecting and analysing data from social media, sensors and other sources.
Universities have been offering the courses to meet the increasing demand for professionals in data analysis. North Carolina State University that has been offering a similar course since it launched of the advanced degree program in analytics in 2007. In addition, the school is also expanding to meet the demand. Other universities too plan on launching the degree course. An example is the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas that plans on launching a master of science in business analytics program in the fall. There is also a growing interest in acquiring knowledge required in handling data as shown by the large number of people seeking enrolment in such programs.
As the analysis above indicates, higher learning institutions have found it necessary to provide advanced degree courses in analytics to fill in the gap in society. There is a growing need to educate the society about the emerging trends in system analysis. In a rapidly changing information technology sector, a systems analyst must strive for professional improvement (Shelly and Rosenblatt 30). There is ongoing effort by universities and colleges to provide advanced courses in design to ensure that they fill up the gap that has been brought up by the demand for employees with skills and advanced training in analytics. Statistics, from North Carolina State University, indicate there are readily available and well-paying jobs available for those who graduate with big-data degrees.
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