System administration course work

Qsn 1

In order for the above updates to be done, the following infrastructure is to be put down. Updates using Web forms need codes for creating forms, in the codes there is need to implement the use of javascript which will be taking care of the delay and the automatic updating.

The computers which are to be used for the updates are 12 in total. Each computer has two CPUs and there is one main server which is quad core (has four processors). It handles the operation of all the other computers in the system. Out of the twelve computers, only six are used directly for updating purposes while six serve as backups. The backup computers help in reducing risks of loss of information.

The type of connection used is a star type of connection whereby the main server acts as the main node while other computers in the systems act as sub nodes. The six computers connected to the main server are used for the systematic/ periodical update.

The employment of the star type of connection helps in minimizing the cost especially for connection and makes system administration an easy task as all the administration purposes are done on the server. This implies that only one administrator is required.

Qsn 2

Support 100 million registered users

800 million page views per day

10 million bids per day

10 million searches per day

0. 5 million new user ratings per day.

ebay employs the use of six different platforms to run their skype software. The platforms include: Linux, Mac OS X leopard, iphone, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Depending on the specific type of application that is being used, it will be directed to the specific computer to handle that particular type of connection.

There are powerful servers which are used by ebay in order to carry out their jobs effectively.

Software platform – you need to have javasript.


This will direct users to a javascript page which may be used to set a cookie.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, object e) {

Response. Cookies. Add(new HttpCookie(” hasJs”, ” yes”));

Response. Redirect(“/Default. aspx”);

} <% if ( ! Request. Cookies. Contains(" hasJs") ) { %>

window. location=”/hasJs. aspx”;

This site requires JavaScript.

<% } %>

The hardware required for the above implementation includes:

1. 10 quad core (with ) computers
2. Each computer has a RAM of 80 GB
3. The hard disc capacity for each computer is 1 TB (terabyte)

Qsn 3

Implementation of Proxy bidding

SQL Statements

This is an example of an SQL statement for the Proxy bidding








Execution environment – the type of execution environment for the above implementation is the SQL server 2003. It can also be incorporated in the winamp server for ease of execution.

Qsn 4

To upgrade a system to accommodate more bids of up to 1 million bids per day, we require to have more storage space which should be at least 2 TB of hard disc capacity. At the same time, we would require to have more RAMs which should be twice the capacity used currently. The number of system administrators should also be increased to handle any issue that may crop in during this time of operation.

Star topology still is the best option to implement this kind of system upgrade as it ensures easy access to all the components.

Qsn 5

One paragraph design for the server infrastructure on www. scorecard. org.

The server requires just one powerful computer which can handle all the operations of the site. The computer should have a remote backup which is placed in a remote location. This will make replicas of the copies of processed information so that incase of system failure the data is not lost. In the main server, there can be some sub severs that contain the html forms and frames which give the website it current appearance. The codes for creating the forms and frames are stored in the library and there is a subroutine which is used to call the forms whenever they are needed.

Qsn 6

Features for Amazon. com that would seem more graceful scaling of their online community

USB 3. 0 support – this will ensure a faster performance of the USB components connected to the computers. The USB 3. 0 support also ensures that all USB features are supported. Other features include: Topology discovery which deals with the computers connection which is basically a star type of topology and Hinted handoff which eases the way access to computers is done.

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