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In the current economic market, a company does not necessarily follow that the best chance possible instead to develop the ability to create competitive advantage by understanding the level of fit between their strengths and upcoming opportunities. In some cases, companies can overcome their weaknesses and to achieve attractive opportunities. In the context of currentglobalization, the opening up, economic exchange – the water cultures is inevitable and risks in the market for small businesses do not.

So SOOT analysis will help the enterprises’ balance – close – measure – count ” correctly before you decide to enter international markets before penetrating international markets. Since SOOT analysis model is a subjective assessment of the data is sorted by the SOOT format as a logical order and easy to understand, easy to present, to discuss and make decisions, which can be used used in any decision-making process is a useful tool for understanding and decision making in any situation for any organization or business.

Distribution SOOT process will provide useful information for connecting the resources and capabilities of the company with a competitiveenvironmentwhere companies operate. SOOT model provides a tool for strategic analysis, review and evaluate the position and orientation of a company or of a business plan. SOOT fit and analysis work in groups, are used in business planning, strategy development, competitor evaluation, marketing, product development and service SOOT is used in business planning, strategy development, competitor evaluation, marketing, product development and services.

Lets analyze the different factors that affect the relative competitiveness of the company. SOOT Pest normally associated with creating models to analyze and assess market potential through external factors n terms of political, economic, social and technological. SOOT Strengths stains off of 4 letters (strengths), Weaknesses (weakness), (opportunity) and Threats (risks). Strengths: The strength of the business. As with all of the attributes, elements inside increases the competitiveness of business against competitors.

In other words, it’s all business resources that can be embroiled, used to perform operations more efficiently than competitors. The strength of the business is often reflected in the business advantages of operating in the market. As the advantages of specifications, design, cost, brand, reporter management, business quality, business reputation in the market. Soot for Honda By Identity work done best? What resources are needed? The advantage that others see in her what?

To consider the issue from the perspective of self and others. Need practical rather modest. The advantages are usually formed when compared with competitors. For example, if all the competitors are providing high-quality products is a manufacturing process quality is not so dominant that is necessary to survive in the market. Weaknesses: The weaknesses of the business, are all attributes depleting potential of the business over the competitors.

The competitiveness of an enterprise is likely that businesses can maintain their position in the long-term strength and won, a victory in a competitive market, to achieve the strategic objectives set out . Weaknesses usually answer the question: What can be improved? What is the work done worst? What should be avoided? To consider the matter on the basis of both internal and external. Can others see that weaknesses do not see myself. Why competitors can do better yourself? Now to get to a realistic and face the truth.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a business is considered to be elements within the enterprise. Each element within the medium is both a weakness strengths in business processes on the market. The problem is that right now trying to develop, detect, exploit, detailed analysis of internal factors to figure out the strengths, limitations and weaknesses compared to its competitors. On that basis, offering solutions to reduce blemishes and promote the strengths of the business to gain maximum advantage over the competition.

Opportunities are opportunities in the business, is changing, new elements appear on the market created favorable opportunities for enterprises or in other words it appears that the ability to supply goods and services to customers to increase sales, expand and affirm advantage in the marketplace. However, the appearance of not necessarily profitable for businesses because there are so many competitors. Depending on the competitiveness of enterprises strong or weak to be able to exploit favorable opportunities in the market. Opportunities often answer to the question: Where is the good chance?

Interesting trend that I already know? Opportunities can come from technological change and international markets or even in narrow range, from the change in government policy elating to outsource part of their operations Cut company, from the change changing social patterns, population structure or structures fashion, from the events taking place in the region. Search method is most useful revise their advantage and ask the question whether the advantages that are open to any new opportunities. Can also do the opposite, check your weaknesses and ask the question whether there is any chance to appear if they are removed. Image, losses or bring negative impact on the business activities of the enterprise, such as damage to goods and property, narrow market and damage brand reputation. Threats usually answer the question: What are obstacles? The specific requirement of the work, product or service has changed anything? Changes intechnologyrisk anything with the company or not? There are problems of delinquency or cash flow? Is there any weakness threatens companies? The analysis usually helps to find out what needs to be done and turn weaknesses into perspective. Opportunities and Threats are external factors of the business.

The process of trade liberalizing is the time of giving the enterprise business freedom, trade barriers are less common, freely expanding market for its products, but also put business before such challenges competition in the market will be more severe in degree and scope, only enterprises with good capacity, the existence of competition, the less competitive firms leads to losses and bankruptcy. Meaning of SOOT: It not only makes sense for enterprises in shaping domestic business strategy, but also of great significance in the formation of international business strategies to meet the development needs of the business.

Once the business to grow, gradually establishing credibility, brand yourself a solid and sustainable, the SOOT analysis is an indispensable stage in the process of strategic planning of corporate business. Top of Form B. SITUATION. SOOT analysis of the company Honda In the current economic market there are many companies, large corporations have used SOOT analysis to plan a business strategy as the company Binomial company Honda, Toyota company . To understand more about SOOT, we will explore the SOOT analysis of the company Honda.

Honda Company is a corporation 2nd largest carmaker in Japan, by Choirs Honda founded on 09. 24. 1948. L is Australia’s first production motorcycle, later spread to and now produce both cars and motorcycles. Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world with over 14 million units per name. TTY course, possible that the foundation of the success of Hand’s motorcycle parts do. Honda began U. S. Production of motorcycles scooters since 1958. By the late sass, largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and since then has never lost this title. 976 Accord car immediately known people with less energy characteristics and ease of driving, Honda has found a foothold in America. In 1982, the auto maker Honda is the first Japanese manufacturer to build a car plant in the U. S. , starting with Accord car factory in Marseille Honda was the first auto manufacturer to introduce more Japanese luxury vehicles separately. Accuracy cars launched in 1986 has created more and more powerful Honda models sporting nature than the other Honda vehicles.

For 2007 models, Honda plans to increase the safety of the vehicle by adding the standard parts for all Honda vehicles in North America (except the Insight and ASSESS cars will not have side-curtain airbag ) as airbags in the front seats, side-curtain airbag and anti-lock for the win. Analysis: Hand’s strengths: Honda is one of the famous brands worldwide. Over the years Honda has been recognized as a user of the company that produces the best product with high safety This is expressed through the sales of the many at the dealership on the consumer market.

From the late ‘ass to early ‘ass, the Honda has dominated the market and become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, and since then the company has never lost this title. The consumer market is very large Honda, Honda is headquartered in Tokyo and with the price listed on the Tokyo stock market, New York City, London, Paris, California, Canada Profits soar. At the Honda Joint venture in China will help the company increase its net income by 10 billion yen (92. 5 million dollars), higher than the initial estimate f the company, Chief Financial Officer Which Hold said with Bloomberg.

This allows Honda continue to maintain the target net income even after lowering its profit forecast trading down 3. 1%. The development of the Chinese market and reduce Russian’s dependence Honda and the North American market, accounting for 70% of business profits hang. Donna Hand’s sales in China Jumped 15%, and twice in Russia in the first quarter of the fiscal year, an increase of 8% faster than in the U. S. Honda has always put our customers first. At Honda, customer service is not only good care of your car. For us, customer service customers – Honda car owners.

Product design. Honda ever-changing styles and models of vehicles with exceptional design, advanced technology, high quality and safety. 1976 Accord car immediately known people with less energy characteristics and ease of driving, help Honda find a foothold in the U. S.. Accuracy cars launched in 1986 has created more and more powerful Honda models sporting nature than the other Honda vehicles. Since its market launch in August 2006, the Honda Civic has been trusted by customers in Vietnam. Always gain a foothold in the entertainment industry.

With superior design, advanced technology, high quality, safe, Honda Civic is one of the best choice for customers in the midsized sedan segment. Even when the Civic was born it was very much the favorite. And only after 2 years and 9 months of actual sales of 12, 000 vehicles. Honda has applied many scientific achievements to be modified for the quality and design of their cars as investing huge amounts ofmoneyinto the development of vehicles powered by fuel cells like This Honda is really very hard to prove the viability of a future technology generations.

There are always new designs. Everyone in her dream. The dream was not Just to wing me strength to overcome any challenge, but also arouse in us to share inspiration, amotivationto develop innovative and progressive ideas, the development of Honda essentially based on the idea that because Honda which is built from thedreams. The power of Hand’s dreams to reach constant breakthroughs in technology, not only in the field of motor cars and the movers. Thus, the introduction of the Civic is a great result from the pursuit of dreams and perform.

These sophisticated new design features of the new Honda Civic is inspired by the unique sporty Civic Type Or’s – a sports car fame has penned exciting world for many users all over the bridge. The new design will bring a uniquepersonality, fashion and fun moments behind the wheel for customers. Weakness As the famous brand should have a lot of other products but does not produce or have any relationship with the company’s brand Honda Honda clones affecting the company title. Subsidiaries in the I-J, British car production fell 47. 5% in 12/08 compared to the same period in 2007.

The number of new cars registered in 2008 decreased to 2. 1 million units. On 30/1, Honda said profits in the final three months of 2008 fell 0% compared with the same period a year earlier. In the context of the global financial crisis, Honda patios are constantly applying the cost-cutting measures, including the temporary closure of its main base in the UK for four months from February Honda Motor’s sales will fall 94. 7% Manufacturer’s second largest automobile Japan – Honda Motor, on Tuesday (28/4) estimates of group revenue in the 2009 fiscal year starting in April will fall 94. %, compared to fiscal year course in 2008, to 10 billion yen (104 million dollars). 3. Opportunity SEEM 2008 event. By the 2008 SEEM event, Honda announced a new version complete model is very popular 2009 Honda Fit with Mugged parts and new models will hit the market in the first half of next year. The accessories include 16-inch wheels, aluminum oil tank pump cap, sports grille, new muffler system, denoted rear, flexible lever, sports pedals, floor mats Manufacturing added many new products. Since 2004 the company started manufacturing diesel motors run smooth Just has no filter to meetpollutionstandards.

However, it can be argued that the success of this company is doing motorcycle parts Continuously expanding consumer market. Honda is showing determination to increase its market share in China, with plans to rate a separate brand for the Chinese market. Honda has dominated the market for consumption in Canada. Canada is a vast region extending to the horizon and spread out over four, with scattered lakes, and the city is only small dots connected by roads. This is an opportunity for Honda to develop its product line.

Honda is ranked 19th in the top 100 world’s most powerful brand in 2006. Risk For the most powerful of which is Honda Toyota. Toyota plans to launch the line new gas-electric hybrid cars cost about $ 20, 1 50 in 2011 to compete with the Honda Insight, priced under $ 20, 000 in the U. S. Market. Toyota will cut production costs Pries to give birth to a cheaper product such as using petrol engine with a capacity of 1. 5 liters is smaller at Honda are so many fake products of brand companies. This has affected the company’s brand.

Many new Honda products were distributed to stores in the market that automatically increases the price when selling items, making no customer confidence in the company. This is affecting the credibility and reputation of Honda. C. Solution separately. Despite difficulties in the market, but Honda has established itself as a separate brand and constantly making new products design, style, unique design. To improve the competitiveness of companies in the market, the Honda following are some solutions for companies in the following years. Enhance Marketing activities.

Strengthening Market Research Market research is an essential task for any company in any business process. A company can not exploit its full potential nor satisfy all customer needs without being fully accurate information about the market. Through market research, the company will take the necessary information about pricing, supply and demand of goods and services which are trading companies to set out the strategic plans and specific measures to thegoalsset forth by the many. Products Constantly improving the product quality, diversified product design according to the needs of the market increasingly diverse and rich.

Building and brand development trust the company to understand their customers better than anyone else and always take customer satisfaction as the focus for all activities. Along with branding, companies need to accelerate the process of developing their brands. Strategy. Strategy should be based on deep understanding of the target audience as well as the ability of the company. Introducing clear and consistent strategy to employees, customers and shareholders. Just adjust your strategy as needed to meet changes in the market – for example, when a new technology appears, or with the new government regulations. Reform. Streamline production processes fundamental to continuously meet – but not exceed – the expectations and requirements of our customers. Eliminating waste to increase annual capacity from 6% to 7%. Culture. And keep reminding the managers, employees, individuals and groups constantly meet the expectations of business results. Always remuneration linked to specific goals and salary increases are standard products. So keep the reward in case the target is not done. Always clear statement about the value of the company. Structure.

Develop an organizational structure fast, flexible and simple to reduce bureaucracy and attitude simultaneously, simplifying operations. Elimination of administrative barriers that limit the exchange of information and cooperation. Always looking for the dedication and creativity of the middle management and the employees – not the talent of the CEO – the company’s future. Talent. Always promote and achieve long-term strength by looking for local talent within the company. The development of human resources within the company will save and liable rather than acquiring talent from other places.

Should develop its own training program for the best employees to retain talentedLeadershipLeaders of successful companies often very dedicated to the Job. They are always at the helm, to build relationships between people at all levels. They identify and take advantage of business opportunities before competitors recognize and solve the problems soon arise. Such members of the company board of directors will also have a share of the profits in the financial success of their companies succeed and enjoy a good understanding of the industry and its business sector. Creativity.

Always encouraging, timely creative ideas, breakthrough even if it means removing the existing products. The use of new technologies to enhance the whole operation, not only enhance the product development process. Mergers and links. Should be involved in business activities that help promote new relationships with customers and are available to strengthen the company’s mainstay. Building partnerships to most effectively utilize the talents of both companies. And should develop a systematic approach to identify, select and end of such a business agreement Bottom of Form