Supply chain logistics

Due to the fact that I was given the task to just ensure that all the ingredients are safely procured and transported to the stadium for the party, I strongly recommend this type of supply chain since we don’t need a manufacturer to prepare the burgers for us. We only need the ingredients and the equipment and the rest would probably be upon us to see that all is prepared after they have been transported to the stadium. The benefits of this supply chain would include: reduced costs since the element of manufacturer have been eliminated and the fact that the stadium is just next to our home, the costs of storage would probably be eliminated; easy monitoring since the supply chain only involves the suppliers and distributors and probably my home is going to serve as the store making it easy for me to monitor the ingredients; strategic decisions can be taken centrally; no outsourcing of professionals is required to manage the supply chain and no commercialization of finished products is required since the products would just be consumed at the party in the stadium. (Bowersox, 2007)
In order to ensure that this supply chain provides a smooth running of resources, it would involve additional experienced personnel who will foresee that all the right ingredients and equipment have been supplied. This would also ensure that they are supplied in correct quantities to avoid shortages at the party. Inventory should be checked at the point of delivery to ensure that the supplies physically correspond to the supply notes accompanying them.
Given the fact that anything that has an advantage must always pose some disadvantages, I anticipate certain challenges that I have to deal with in this supply chain give the environment in which it is set. Some of the challenges would include difficulty in searching for the capital given that am still a student, lack of storage space give the fact that I would be using the store in our home to keep the ingredients, confusion between the real ingredient bought and the ones used internally in the house, lack of proper accountability during the stocktake at arrival. I order to overcome these challenges, I would seek the assistance of a mature person who has relevant experience in dealing with such a large number of visitor for guidance, I would also talk to the elderly people in our home to assign me a specific room for this particular purpose of storage for the short duration to avoid confusion.
According to Bowersox, the SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) model provides an outline that links business processes, metrics, most excellent practices, and know-how features into a unified composition to sustain contact amongst supply chain associates and to improve the value of supply chain organization and related supply chain actions. To capture the relationship of the supply chain, I would use the SCOR model to source locations and products, transport channels, organize inventories and products. On the other hand, I would use it in measuring the performance of the supply chain and comparing it alongside the internal and external goals of the party. I would therefore use it to focus on the dependability, sensitivity, alertness, and cost of the ingredients.