Summary of the six main charcters in the poisonwood bible

A Summary of Six Main Characters in the Poisonwood Bible Nathan Price He is the central character in the novel. He is an evangelical missionary operating in the Congo over a long span of time. He is depicted as being coldhearted. He is unmoved by the escalating violence, and ends up losing one daughter for his unrelenting, unrealistic approach to his mission in a manner that shows the least regard for the family’s plight. Further, he appears to be judgmental. He is quick to judge others, and often declares their opinions inferior. He thinks the natives in his new land are crude in their ways of living. He is a selfish character oblivious of the needs and plights of other people, but just determined to pursue his personal course. He refused to let his family migrate from Kilanga at a time when whites were facing persecutions, putting the family through fear of persecution and psychological torture.
Orleanna Price
She is wife to Nathan. She is protective. Her detailed actions include ensuring that the family is safe from harm, both from illnesses or hostilities. By being protective, she appears to put the interests of her family before her own. She is also realistic. Despite not having accomplished their mission in the Congo, she assessed the situation rightly and recognized the danger that their being there posed. She responded by requesting her husband to return with the family to Mississippi, a request that he severally denied. She is also cognizant of the misgivings of her husband’s mission and the missions of other whites in the Congo.
Rachael Price
She is the eldest daughter of Nathan and Orleanna. She is truculent by character. She confronted the request to marry Tata Ndu the chief by throwing a fit. She is also depicted as being selfish. She is involved in a relationship with a mercenary whose intentions are clear to her – overthrow the government to gain access to resources. She continued her relationship with Axelroot despite knowing his evil role, so her family could move from the Congo.
Leah Price
She is also daughter to Nathan. She is shown as a tolerant individual. Despite her racial background and interactions with white suitors, she chose to marry Anatole, the black teacher. She is realistic. Leah is able to recognize the fact that political, economic and racial injustices are occurring in the Congo, and remains sensitive to them.
Adah Price
She is twins with Leah, and unwilling to speak. She is intelligent. She participated in high-level research on deadly diseases, including ebola and AIDS. She initially suffers an inferiority complex. In the beginning, before she could recover from her handicap, she feels unworthy and less important. She is shown thinking about her unworthiness when her mother decided to carry her younger but physically fit sister Ruth to safety despite pleading for help.
Ruth May Price
The last born in the Price family, her intelligent and fast-learning nature is shown through her fast recognition of the family’s migration from Mississippi to the heart of Africa. This is despite being only five years of age at the time the family moved from its original home. She is also friendly. She is shown to have tried to make friends with local children soon after the family had migrated.
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