Summary of ideas presented in an expert of friedman’s the world is flat

Summary of ideas presented in an expert of Friedmans The World is Flat This article commences with an allusion as the writer goes on to mention an excerpt from the journals of Christopher Columbus. There is a close reference to the tale of Christopher Columbus which is mentioned over and over again and is referred to at each and every progression along the article. The author relishes his visit to India and is using this article not only to highlight the vast differences which he is seeing in India but he is also putting forward some rhetorical questions.
The theme of the article is the impact of globalization on the world today and how the changing times have changed the way in things and people react. The tone of amazement turns into determination as the article progresses and the author reinforces the point that the world is flat not physically but on a technological basis and on a competitive and intellectual ground. The uncertainty that existed initially gradually turns into determination and resolve by the end. Not only the author is himself convinced but is also trying to convince the readers that the world is indeed flat and the Indians are definitely nearing America in technological progress as technology had overcome physical barriers. The Indians in fact were looking more like Americans and on this point the author uses some rhetorical questions. To conclude the author uses a very popular incident to whom people can relate and then puts forward his intellectual argument. This actually helps his purpose very well.