Strategic plan – mgt 553 essay

Current situation

Coca Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company that deals with over 5000 brands in more than 200 countries globally. Currently, the company has increased its market share and sales with aim to maximize their profit. The company has also enlarged its product base, resulting to an expansion in a new market. Technology wise, the company has company has installed weather technology in the vending machines (Coca-Cola, 2013).


In order to achieve the mission, the company has come up with a set of goals, which will help them to consistently achieve quality and sustainable growth.


The coca cola company mission is “ To refresh the worldTo inspire moments of optimism and happinessTo create value and make a difference” (Coca-Cola, 2013).

Strategic and Financial Objectives

The objective of the coca cola company is to achieve their desires to have a top-line growth that will influence their competitiveness. In order to achieve this, the company has formulated a 2020 vision that is anticipated to join the beverage companies and partners in a manner that they will establish “ an aligned system.” (United States, 2003)

Driving Forces

In the global market, coke has been remarkably known as a driving force of the coca cola company. Its unique taste has a familiarity to it that the consumers can be able to relate to. Technological advance is another driving force that has enabled the company to operate with ease and speed.


Coca cola assumes that there is no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of Coke Zone. The company also uses various methodologies to define their fail value of plant and equipment, property and discounted cash flows.

SWOT Analysis

Analysis of Strategic Issues
The company has excellence in strategic planning abilities, crisis management program and well-designed issues. To help them meet the needs of the various global locations, the company has developed a public relation plan (United States, 2003). The company has embraced stakeholder and corporate citizenship management to help them move to greater marketplace in the word.

Strategies (Corporate)

The top management with the consultation with the parent company is responsible for the formulation of strategies. These strategies include projection of outstanding corporate image, selection of professional peoples in the company and provision of quality products to the valuable customers.
The Coca-Cola Company has acquired strategic business alliances with beverage companies and local bottlers to enhance infrastructure to production facilities, sales equipment, distribution networks and technology (Tzu & Butler-Bowdon, 2010).


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