Stop welfare abuse to build the work ethics

Valbona Bajrami Stop welfare abuse to build the work ethics America the promised land, America with 37 million poor citizens living under welfare recipients! But, are all these people really poor? Are all these people in real need to live in the shoulders of American taxpayer, or are they “ spineless creatures” who abuse state benefits? These questions deserve to be answers for all taxpayers who not only sweat by working, but they must also pay for all those that are nothing more than parasites.

Our government is all about training these people to live inpovertyand in return they have children who grow up to believe that the government should pay their way. According to the Census report, 11. 3 percent to 15. 1 percent of the population was living in poverty over the past 20 years. Around 45 percent of them own their own homes, have car, cable, and satellite TV. Overall, when Obama became president, he decided to equip with mobile phones all those who receive welfare.

The average poor American has more living space than the average individual not classified as poor living throughout Europe. The number ofteen pregnancyincreases day by day, and unfortunately the most of them were raised in circle of poverty and dependent on the benefits of welfare. What is poverty indeed? The word ” poverty” suggests destitution: an inability to provide afamilywith nutritiousfood, clothing, and reasonable shelter, so the above mentioned facts do not show any degree of poverty.

It seems that collecting welfare has become a way of life for some, which caused laziness, increased the number of drug users, increase of familyviolencebecause they don’t have nothing else to do except to attract and seek benefits from state. They prefer to be let go from work so that they can get paid to sit on their behind. Now the government plans to let the food stamp card to be used infast foodchains and buy junk food instead of cooking? This has to stop! Some tax payers can’t afford to eat out, now these irresponsible people want us to pay for their fast food?

Wake up law maker, we are tired of this. Drug test them and let the people vote whether they want to be so generous with their tax dollars or not. Give them 3 months to get back on their feet, and then shut them off because they apparently are not aware that they are damaging their children by learning them to live in cycle of welfare. Reported cases ofchild abuseand neglect among poor children is almost 7 times as great as the incidence among non-poor children .

These people complain about their living budget, always in search of humanitarian organizations and often complain that the state is not fulfilling their needs. Because of their behavior the famous quote of Douglas Coupland comes to my mind “ Blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos. ” I see people my age who receive unemployment checks, food stamps; you name it, and they are doing absolutely nothing to change it, even turning down advancements at their jobs so they can continue to receive the same amount of aide.

It is important to recognize that job opportunities do exist for individuals willing to accept them. The government should end welfare because there are more people that abuse it then need it. People on welfare do notrespectthe value andhard workof US taxpayers. It is really upsetting that they don’t do anything to better themselves. If we stop the welfare, poor people would be more likely to go to work, starting to climb the ladder that will lead out of poverty and teach their kids the value ofeducationand work ethic.