Staffing term paper

Executive summary

This paper is aimed at improving the organizations and making them gain more from the staffing process in case of a huge turnover or opening a new branch that requires employees. A company like Service Enterprises Inc is faced with the problem of a shortage of the employees to work in the new branches that will be opened the following year in Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago.
As the vice president of the HR department, this paper is presented to explain the process of getting employees. The first process is recruiting which involves getting people to apply for the positions. The next section is selection where the best among those who applied is selected and interviewed. Finally, on boarding where the new employees are integrated into Service Enterprises, Inc operations.

Section I recruiting.

Staffing is a process of acquiring new staff for an organization whether it is international or a local organization. Process is carried out by the human resource department. The first process of staffing is recruiting (Heneman, Tim and John, 45).
For the company Service Enterprise , Inc recruiting will be defined as searching for and obtaining job candidate in sufficient numbers and quality so that the organization can make a choice on the most appropriate candidate that will take up the position later. Before the process of recruitment, the company of course put out an advertisement of the job offers and the applicants applied. Only eligible applicants applied.
The company Service Enterprise Inc that is seeking to open three new branches in other cities will be going through what can be called as international recruitment since it is an international company. Before Service, enterprise can think of recruiting, the company-staffing department did some consideration on the process of recruitment.
Were the employees that the company wanted to hire come from the country where the company is setting the new extension? If not the company was to consider whether to only recruit prospective employees from the company’s home country. In extreme cases was the company to hire from a third party. Meaning were they to hire from other countries, will the company accept applications from other countries. For this organization Service Enterprise Inc, we will be accepting applications across the world for the benefit of diversity and mission of the organization.
Since the organization wants to hire from all over the world, there are certain plans that are to be made for the sake of awareness of the vacant positions that the opening up of the new branches will offer. Our plan initially is not to open all the three branches at once because of the financial constraints that it will create to the company. As the staffing department, our plan is to come with advertisements, both television and radio advertisements that will be aired globally for the new positions. This will be done in the first four weeks of the first quarter and subsequently for the other two quarters that we will be opening the other two branches in the cost cities.
Another way of making the recruitment process a success is posting news over the internet. Whether it is on all the social media platforms and using the websites advertisements.
After the awareness, process is dealt with the process of getting the recruitment services available in the city of interest or to decentralize the recruitment services in other countries for the ease of the applicants. Since the mission of the organization through the process of staffing and opening up the new branches in other cities is to increase the profit cumulated, the recruitment services will not be decentralized. The applicants will have to be recruited at a centralized place for the ease of cutting the cost of lengthening or complicating the application process. Application can be done online for the available positions that the company seeks to hire employees. In addition, emails sent for the purposes of applications. This will be applicable for the people interested in the position and are not located near the United States of America. For the people located in the United States and its environs, our four field recruiters that will be dispersed across the United States of America cities will help in getting on the new applicants to work in the new branches to be opened. This will be done each quarter upon opening a new branch in Atlanta, Boston, or Chicago as planned in each quarter.

Above is a budget of the recruitment process that the Service Enterprises, Inc will have during the recruitment process.

Section ii Selection
Selection is a process of gathering related information for the purposes of evaluating before coming up with a decision on who is suitable for a particular job offer.
The selection process is the most important stage in staffing especially an international business. The orientation in the international staffing includes these three considerations. The three considerations include ethno-centric, polycentric and re-geocentric (Heneman, Tim and John 123).
The three orientations must be considered and their advantages and disadvantages discussed before selecting the new staff in the new branch that Service Enterprise Inc will be opening in the new coastal cities. For the ethno- centric, considerations are made in such a way that primary positions in the company branches will be held by the people citizens of the home country. To abbreviate this staffing scholars term it as PNCs.
Under this ethno-centric selection, the lines of communication to be maintained are one directional. Home country and attitude culture are the dominant factors in the ethno-centric selections.
The other orientation is polycentric selection. Here the primary positions are filled with the nationals or inhabitants of the host country. In our case, the Service Enterprises, Inc will be opening a new branch in three new cities. Therefore, for this selection orientation there would be a consideration in picking the candidates to occupy the primary positions to be from the host city where the new branches will be opened.
There are advantages that come with type of selection. The candidates selected will be productive because they have a better knowledge and understanding of the city where we will be opening the new branch in the first quarter. This will also reduce the number of personal problems problem that come about with hiring of non-locals of a certain area. Another major boost that will be brought by HNC will be, the Multinational cooperation that Service Enterprises, Inc is will be safe from hostile treatment from the host cities.
The next orientation is the Regio-centric orientation where the primary positions are held by people from other cities or regions that Service Enterprises, Inc wants to open the new branches share the same cultural practices. This is abbreviated as TCNs.
Geocentric is another orientation that takes place in the selection process. The best-qualified candidate in these fields that were advertised will be picked and are allowed to work from home. This will be regardless of the nationality of the applicant as long as he or she delivers. The whole in thus scenario is considered as a market to implement the global approach. All of the orientations discussed above their advantages and disadvantages that come with the hiring process that the company will decide to land on. An appendix of the advantages and disadvantages of the same is included.
Afterward the selected employees are called for interviews, which will be conducted by the filed officers that are dispatched across all the existing company branches. The selected applicants will visit the closest branch for interview. The hired ones will be relocated to the new branches that will be put up as the new employees if they do not reside within Atlanta, Boston, or Chicago.

Section iii on boarding

This is the process where the new employees that have been carefully selected to join a company’s workforce are brought to par with the other employees in the company (Heneman, Tim and John, 302). For our case, the Service Enterprises, Inc will need to incubate the new employees in the programs of the company. This on boarding process was mainly brought up by the opening up of new offices and the turnover that the company is witnessing. To make Service Enterprises, Inc more productive as it aims to be, a strategic on boarding process will be used to meet the company’s demands.
The strategies that the company will use in the process of on boarding to achieve its desires of being productive even after hiring new employees will be varied. One will be through formal meetings that will be held regularly with the employees so as familiarize them with the company’s operations.
Lectures will also be given to the newly hired employees by the senior most members of the company. The oldest members of the Service Enterprises, Inc will be responsible for conducting the lectures with the assistance of the senior managers and supervisors in the organizations.
Printed material of the company’s operations will be provided to the new employees. Alongside this, videos and computer-based orientations will be offered to introduce the new employees to their new jobs and the organization at large.
Finally, the one and most important step that will help in the on boarding process is offering mentorship programs for the new employees. They will be assigned to mentors, preferably the “ gurus” in the different fields that a new junior employee will be hired and posted to. They will be holding meetings regularly with each other in a bid to promote teamwork and problem solving abilities as they discuss the company mission. This will help Service Enterprises, Inc achieve its organizational goal despite hiring new employees.


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Appendix 1.