Sport fans

Although many people like sports and watch them on television, few people actually have a strong pride in a team, or really care about how a team does on a competitive game to game basis. To me people can be categorized in three different fan groups. One type of fan is a fair weather fan. They jump from team to team, most likely to which one is winning. Another type of fan is a part-time fan. They really do not care much about any one team, and just watch whoever is on. Finally, there is what I like to call die-hard fans. These fans never miss a game, and route for their team in good and bad times. The first type of fan that I mentioned is a fair weather fan. These are the kinds of fans that never really jump on board with one specific team. They cheer for whichever team might be winning at the time. These fans will usually say that they are routing for whoever the sports critics say will win the championship in that specific season. The next type of fan is what I like to call a part-time fan. These fans really do not have a favorite team, or even like sports period. They will watch a game only if there is nothing else on that they would rather watch. They really do not care who wins or loses. Most of the time these fans do not really know much about the sport that they are watching, or know much about sports in general. The final type of fan that I mentioned is a die-hard fan. These are the fans that truly have a favorite team, and really care about how their team does throughout the season. You will never hear a die-hard fan cheer for any team other than his or her favorite. Die-hard fans are the ones who are tailgating at the games at eight o’clock in the morning, when the game does not start until five or six o’clock at night. They will be the ones that you will see on television with their chests painted in weather that you cannot even imagine being outside in, much less with your shirt off. They truly feed off how their team does throughout the season, if the team is having a good year then these people will rarely ever be unhappy, but if the team is having a bad year then you do not want to cross paths with them. In conclusion, there are many kind of supporter but the truly supporter is die-hard support fans.