Spiritual healing research paper


There is a wide array of healing practices that fall outside the norm of contemporary medical practices. Alternative medicine, therapies, natural healthcare practices, spiritual healing among many others are but the few terms used to describe these practices. Medical schools did not offer classes or lessons in alternative medical healing and preventative practice neither was it advocated in mainstream hospitals (Ernst, 2010). But this has changed in the last few years with medical practitioners accepting that some of these practices do a world of good for their patients where western medicine fails. Some of these practices offer the patients with relive and lesser side effects as compared to the ‘ modern medicine’. The healthcare sector has coined a name for these therapies terming them as ‘ integrative therapies’.
Certifying this practice will see more persons who question the validity of alternative medicine apply it together with modern medicine. The scientific community has voiced its skepticism over the use of spiritual and alternative cures since most have not been tested, and they speak of unproven claims to heal and cure illnesses and other conditions. Many of these scientists have advised against the use of these nonscientific cures and that the public should do so at their discretion (Piscitelli et al., 2000)..
A good example of practices that have been is yoga and meditation. Medicalization refers to the way in which various practices related to health care and treatments have been legitimized and professionalized. These practices have been seen to have an immense contribution to the field of medicine. This recognition has been acknowledged by health officials making it legitimate for persons to seek these forms of treatment for their ailments. That the practices have been having seen the advent of certified schools that offer teachings on how to best achieve healing through these practices. It then gives the practice credibility since persons who subscribe to these services as part o f their healing are certain of its validity.
It is of the essence to take note that the validity of these services has increased the trust levels of persons as compared to those practices that are yet to have any solid proof into their results. Critics have supported the certifying of yoga practices since they go above the healing of the current ailments facing and individual and will involve the wholesome healing of the individual. That these practices are continued activities that do not involve adding toxins to an individual’s anatomy is also a plus as to why medicalizing it was advocated.
Meditation involves, and individual having to concentrate on the things that are positive to them and looking into themselves. It helps rid oneself of negative thoughts that clog his stability of the state of mind. The same should be done to other alternative practices. Many persons will not subscribe to this source of cure since the medical practitioners do not accept it as part of their treatment. According to them there is only medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t. It is important take consideration that many and developed countries have secured such faith traditional remedies have found way homes and the opening clinics offering the same. It has become a normal practice to find research and articles reducing the use of alternative medicine to being practiced by quacks and is seen to be prejudiced in the reporting. The superiority of the western culture seems to be one of the reasons why it was refused to accept alternative and spiritual medicine. The western culture seems to highly and easily influence the rest of the world. It makes all other culture seem inferior and writes off their beliefs unless they can prove via scientific means with viable results. This is some ignorant way of thinking since these lesser traditions and communities have led to the inventions and developments of current cultures. This superiority of cultures has seen the erosion of cultures and others are becoming extinct due to these pressures to transform and adopt the modern way of doing things.
Another argument is that the alternative medicine has had its time and that it was not able to sustain itself through the years. Noting the reasons is important for the eradication of these practices; did they become extinct or were that forcibly withdrawn due to other pressures including political forces and other social and economic issues. The argument that the practice became outdated over time, therefore, cannot hold any merit. Just like any product or service developed over time is bound to improve and be into something else to make it better so is the case with alternative medicine (Eisenberg et al., 1997).
It is true that there are fraudulent persons out to earn a living by preying on the beliefs of persons who will claim certain products and services they offer without any real validity. This can also be about modern medicine where we have seen and heard of counterfeit products finding its way onto shelves and being purchased by individuals. Modern equipments used in hospitals has been faulty and led to deaths of persons. So for every flaw with alternative medicine there is one with modern medicine. While some of the traditions practiced in the early years have become extinct but this does mean that we cannot learn from these methods and practices.
The World Health Organization classifies alternative medicine with traditional medicine and defines this as practices that incorporate the knowledge of medicines relying on plants, minerals, animals and other spiritual beliefs and therapies (WHO, 2008). This definition is and doesn’t capture the real essence of what alternative medicine is. The practices associated with alternative medicine are those that are currently not seen considered being part of modern/western medicine.
There need to be an acceptance of this sort of medicine for more persons to adopt it. Legal rules have to be placed to weed out the crooks that endanger the lives of individuals who seek them out. Research need to be and research that is not biased in its findings. While we cannot explain the e to gather healing based on Christian faith, it is possible to gather data based on other alternative medical practices. The government needs to look into these alternative practices as more and more persons subscribe to them as opposed to modern medicine.
It may be that several practices are affordable as compared to modern medicine that they do not have faith in modern medicine and are just seeking other options. All in all, there is concern for the rise in persons accessing these alternative cures and certifying them will indeed see even more persons complimenting biomedicine with alternative medication. Practitioners of alternative medicine consider their patients to be their center. They seek to redefine the relationship between the healer and his patient, and the main principle is not an illness but the overall health of the patient in a wholesome manner (Norred et al., 2000)
In conclusion, it is evident that the certifying of these alternative treatment procedures will help people believe and trust in them. As said earlier, spiritual healing according to research has been found to be more helpful to people with certain diseases (Eisenberg et al., 1997). This can be my medics themselves. This is because it gives some patients healing and hope to live because they believe in religion. This is unlike the modern medicine.

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