Social network and privacy research proposal example

The research question is going to be centered on social network and privacy. The main question about this is whether anyone can enjoy their privacy with the onset of social networking considering the fact that almost all the information about the social network users is remotely stored by the networking sites (Kizza 2010). It is very important to look at social networking from this perspective because privacy is a very crucial issue when it comes to it.
The target audience is the general public regardless of their ages and backgrounds because literary everyone in this computer era has an online social media account regardless of their age safe for children under the age of sixteen and even so, they also have online social media accounts. The objective is to make everyone aware of the advantages and disadvantages that come with this mode of communication. This will then ensure that people become aware of the dangers as well as advantages that come with social networking.
The main reason for handling this issue as the final project is because of the concerns that have been raised about this issue and my interest in wanting to know more about it and educate others of the findings. This way the audience will then know how to handle their private lives in the advent of social networking (Zheleva, Terzi& Getoor 2012). This project qualifies as a final work for my masters degree in a number of ways but most importantly, because privacy in social networking is a very important area of study as a communication student who wants to enlighten the masses on the dos and don’ts of the game.
The required kind of research that is expected to be used is the qualitative research because it will be helpful in do a good analysis of how individuals have been deprived of their privacy when they get themselves in the social networking platform (Kartzi 2008). With this kind of background, I intend to deal with wider scope of issues in social networking in the foreseeable future when I embark on my doctorate.

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