Sidesteps by nike

The paper ” SideSteps by Nike” is an excellent example of a marketing essay. The new shoe developed by Nike is called SideSteps. This is a very unique shoe as it brings to light the ease of use by the He can use it as both a jogger as well as semi-formal wear. The best thing about this SideSteps is that it brings a sense of finesse and class on to the person who wears it and makes the best use of the same. The features include the small spikes in the soul of the shoe, the air holes present on the top surface, the laces which are just about the perfect size and the aerodynamic shape at the anterior of the SideSteps. All these features make it stand out in a league of its own and hence different from the competition. The benefits of this shoe include the flexibility it can have when a person wears it. It makes the person stretch his leg to quite a good enough extent. Also, it makes for a light walk which is all the more significant when it comes to semi-formal and casual wear. It is available in different colors like blue, black, red and even pink. The pink color is most appropriately targeted towards women. However SideSteps is a shoe which is for the younger generation, who could essentially be regarded as the teenagers and the young adults. It is available at all Nike outlets for just US $299 and has come out as a new entrant in the related market domains. The marketing for this brand is being done exclusively by Nike so that it could become an instant hit amongst the target clan.