Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? Teachers and students both are the main part of the school. School doesn’t work the either ways. Teachers make us study and improve, while we implement it. Teachers grade us on our basic skills as well as the way we study and improve. But what if the teacher is not capable enough to do so? We should get a chance to grade them too. Almost all schools doesn’t encourage this kind of grading, or maybe none does. According to me this type of grading should be taken into account. Teachers should be graded on their teaching skill, behaviour in class and the interaction level with the students. What if the teacher is very strict and over rules the children or a single child? The child has to remain quiet and keep on facing it, as he doesn’t have any right to oppose him or make him realise, that what he/she is doing is wrong. The grading of the teachers would help the school to understand the children’s problem. If the teacher is not making the students study up to the mark, they have no options other than implementing by self. This kind of problems arise in all the schools but no schools try to solve it or make a better way. If all the schools would help the students this way, the students would love learning as well as will like to interact with the teachers. All the grades given to the teachers should be taken into account and should be checked by the higher authorities. If this happen then all schools would have students who would be more then happy as the teachers will try to adjust according to them. But as this happens, the students should not feel over confident or get a little attitude, as the school is providing them with grade giving system, its for their own good. The teachers should not feel offended too as this is happening for their own good and it will help them teach the students better. It will also improve the education system. Soon all the schools will have this kind of grading system and will make a better education system in the country. Lets raise our voices on behalf of all the students and get this grading system into account and help benefit the education system as well as the students and the teachers.