Should all zoos be shut down? essay sample

Society has shown that children and adults learn about animals in person, but do they know how these animals are being treated? There are many people who argue that these zoos should be shut down because of the diseases spreading around, others want to keep the zoos open to let everyone experience these animals in person. Since both positions are not acceptable, I believe these should be shut down because of the disease being spread. In fact shutting down zoos will improve the health of these animals living in zoos, the spreading of disease, improving how zoo keepers treat these animals, to prevent psychological damage to these animals, and show a different way to see wild animals. In the New York Times website, Dennis M. Black published an article in April 1, 2005. In this article Dennis writes how to petting zoos in Orlando Florida was temporary shutdown. The reasons of these two petting zoos are shutdown ifs for a deadly strain of E. Coli bacteria.

This bacterium has caused many children to be hospitalized also in this article Dr. Mehul Dixit said, “ In cases where young children had been affected by the bacteria, over half would suffer long-term damage to their kidneys and other organs.” Not only shutting zoos will be less trouble for kids to get sick, but prevent them long-term damage with their organs” In shutting down zoos it will be less children getting sick and preventing them to be hospitalize. Why should we take children to these types of zoos and get them sick? Not only stopping the spread of diseases, but the health of these zoo animals. The article written by Michell Carr called “ The Reality of Zoos,” she writes how unhappy zoo animals are living in small cages and spaces. Having small cages and spaces can cause “ Zoochosis.” These animals get very bored living in small cages and spaces that they become desperately trying to escape. Not having enough space to move around can often affect the animal’s health. Helping animals is the best way to save them, not putting them in cages and make them fell like prisoners.

Animals should be treated with care and enough space for them to move around. This is only a few concerns, my most concern is the way zoo keepers treat these animals. Jackie Leavitt writes an article called, “ The World’s Worst Zoos,” which was actually surprising to read. In this article she writes how eleven rare Siberian tigers died in a zoo, in northeastern china. During the investigation of this case was these Siberian tigers might have died from cheap chicken. These investigators are trying to figure out why exactly did these tigers died from. When investigators tried to talk to the owner or anyone who would work in the zoo, but no one wanted to speak, except for one. The manager at the zoo said “ The tigers died of various diseases,” but he would not say what type of disease.

In my own point of view seeing eleven rare Siberian tigers died this way was just awful. Shutting down zoos like these would prevent less death from these animals. Instead of helping these rare animals’, zoos are killing them, with cheap chicken and not so fresh meat, causing them to get sick. What is the whole point on having zoos to protect and help these animals if these owners and zoo keepers are treating them like garbage? Animals should be eating fresh meat for them to be healthy and strong. Feeding them the wrong nutrient can cause these animals to get very ill and zoo keepers would not noticed how these animals health. Without the fresh meat and food for these animals, animals would be able to live longer in zoos.