Short essay on school uniforms free sample

Without a doubt, each student is different from the next in one way or another. In schools you have many cliques. Two main groups would be the populars and the outcasts.

If you were to look at a popular student next to an outcast student, the main distinction between the two would be their clothing style. The way they look is the basis for people judging them to either be high or low on the social scale. For the popular kids this may be great. They wear designer clothing that can be very expensive. The outcast kids may want to wear the designer clothing, but they probably can’t afford it. Just because of their clothing, some people will look down on the outcasts and not want to be friends with them.

School uniforms would make it so everyone looked the same. No one person could judge another just by looking at the way they dress. This would eliminate one of the main causes of judging a book by it’s cover. If there are not uniforms, the kids who wear the less expensive clothing could get picked on, but it doesn’t always stop there. Other students could pick on them day after day and this could lead to depression.

There has been situations where a student is bullied and it happens so often that the victim brings a gun to school. School uniforms would make it so no one at school can pick on anyone else because of what they wear. This would make school a safer and more pleasant environment for all students.