Sharing the lead

The paper ” Sharing the Lead” is a wonderful example of a management essay.
Leadership is an extremely crucial position in the society. In the contexts where every aspect is extremely competitive, the idea of cutting the edge or leadership or rather sharing the lead roles will be appropriate. Thus, the shared leadership comprises of the simultaneous, ongoing and mutual processes which involve all the leaders; both unofficial and official. Moreover, it tends to focus on the full empowering of all the teams in workplaces. It involves organizing all the members of a group in order to step forward and take leadership roles in their respective positions. Therefore, with a shared leadership, everyone is deemed a potential leader.
Sharing of leadership roles build strengths in the whole organization thus avoiding the degree of loss vulnerability of a leader; in situations where one becomes ill or injured. In competitive contexts, shared leadership greatly assists in placing an organization in a top position or rather maintaining its position. However, in organizations where the usual leadership routine is from top to bottom face serious constraints since there is over-reliance on a single individual. Probably, this tends to limit the wider scope of talent exposure and kill the leadership abilities in members. Hence, shared leadership assists an organization to spread power which in return protects it against unethical practices.
Therefore, the shared leadership can be applied or rather implemented in places where there is the complexity of tasks, a higher degree of urgency in the organization’s operations, general interdependence in work systems and the level of commitment among employees. This will lead to more innovativeness and creativity from various capacities in the organization