Server security policy research paper

It is essential for any company to create distinct security policies and measures for their organizational security. The Server Security Policy is created for the entire organization to secure its data. Security policies steer the organization within regulatory boundaries and policies also need to reflect the organization’s risk, culture, tolerance, appetite and values (Johnson, Merkow 276). All the servers in the organization like the web servers, database servers and application servers are monitored under the rules of Server Security Policy. The servers owned by the company or registered under the company’s name are included in the policy. Implementing the security policy reduces unauthorized access to the company’s technology and copyright information. The operational groups in the company are in charge for the system administration that is controlled by the Information Security that oversees all the security policies of an organization. The server configuration guides are maintained and reviewed by the Information Security group on a continuous basis to keep the company secure from any threats.

Server Security Policy is essential in the company. If the company does not have any security policy then it is exposed to a lot of internal and external attacks. The server security configurations change over the time and the server security policy manages these security settings. Creating a well-defined server security policy is important not only to the company, but also to the customers, administrators, the business, and the users. The critical and sensitive events related to security systems must be logged and logs must be created and reviewed often. These logs provide both evidence of intrusions and verification of the correct functioning of the security mechanisms (Bishop, 815).

The configuration guidelines mentioned in the policy must be followed strictly. The configurations like the operating system, applying security patches must be in accordance with the Information security guidelines. The server security policy must be followed religiously by the administrator and by all the employees of the organization. Deviating from the policy guidelines can result in the employee being terminated from the company.

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