Samsung: building a great brand

Number] Samsung: building great brands Analyze price strategy, distribution strategy, or promotion strategy of Samsung in the U. S. and compare with one other country in South America, Asian, or Europe.
Samsung has worked its way from a less known brand in yester years to a strong market competitor in recent years, especially in the cellular phone and television markets. One key exponent of Samsung’s success has been its emphasis on producing highly innovative products, but such products are of little use without the right pricing strategy. Samsung has developed a large portfolio of smartphones that are priced differently for various regions depending on the local market peculiarities.
In the United States, Samsung tends to introduce its higher end smartphones that are priced exuberantly compared to its low end smartphones. Samsung understands that the US market boasts better per capita incomes and individual competition to own the newest smartphone. The pricing strategy consists largely of partial pricing paired with cellular services, which allows more people to own a Samsung smartphone than if the pricing were fully paid up front. In contrast, Samsung has emphasized on a partial payment strategy in the Indian market depending largely on its low end smartphones since Samsung understands that the per capita incomes are lower (Chauhan).
2. Discuss the Samsung brand itself and compare with Sony or any other brand you think it is the major competitor for Samsung.
In terms of the smartphone market, Samsung is more comparable to Apple than any other company since both businesses product cutting edge technology to compete for the same market. Samsung relies on a mix of hardware and software from myriad vendors, for example, the software for Samsung smartphones comes from Google in the shape of Android. In contrast, Apple relies purely on indigenously developed hardware and software. Given Samsung’s flexibly business strategy, the company tends to roll out a new smartphone every few months while Apple’s inventory is updated only once every few years. The larger product range offered by Samsung makes it more attractive to multiple market segments while Apple restricts itself to a targeted market range alone.
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