Salvation story written by langston hughes

Langston Hughes, the author of the short story titled “ Salvation” was an African-American writer accredited for writing numerous poems, novels and columns during the early 20th century. Salvation is in fact Langston’s recollection of his first encounter with his faith when he was twelve years old. Though the title gives an impression of spiritual and religious remembrance, the contents of this short story are in clear contradiction.
“ Salvation” seems to have been written from a man’s perspective, remembering his past and narrating his first encounter with adults influenced meeting with Jesus. The piece is evidently written in the past tense recalling the young Langston bowed on the mourning benches in his wishful attempt to see Jesus but resorting to lying after failing to do so. The expressions of remorse after the event ended and young Langston’s loss of faith is also written from Old Langston’s perspective. The concluding paragraph further reinforces the fact that the story is indeed written from a man’s perspective as opposed to a boy’s perspective when it states “… for I was a big boy twelve years old …” (Langston).
The story gives the reader a feeling of knowing the author personally. “ Salvation” seems to be an autobiographical piece through which Langston Hughes has shared his experiences and declared how events had moulded his journey through life.