Sales strategy

Sales Strategy Instrcutor: Sales Strategy Why was Anne Mulcahys experience as a sales representative an important part of Xeroxs growth in recent years?
The experience of Anne Mulcahy as a sales representative in Xerox Corporation before her promotion to become the Chief Executive Officer of the company played a significant role in the growth and development of the company in the recent years. Her experience came in handy because the company wanted to focus on customer relationships in order to ensure customer loyalty and company success. As such, being a former sales representative in the company before advancing into senior management gave her a competitive edge in re-energizing the company towards its sole objective of customer satisfaction derived from the company’s products and services. It is this knowledge and experience acquired when she was working as a sales representative that enabled her to launch the six-stage selling process at Xerox that completely revolutionalized the company’s sales volumes as well as maintain consumer satisfaction (Lorimer, Sinha & Zoltners, 2006).
How does Xerox create customer value through its personal selling process?
Customer value is what attracts new customers to a company’s products and services, as well as retaining existing ones as loyal customers of the company. Xerox Corporation creates customer loyalty using a six-stage personal selling process. Each of these stages gears at ensuring the customer gets the best value the company can offer from its products and services. The stages involve identify customer needs, preparing presentations and approaching potential clients for a sales discussion. An open question and answer session follows to ensure the customer gets all the information he or she requires about the company, or about a particular product or service provided by the company. Later on, the sales representative does a follow up on the customer to check on their enthusiasm about the company’s products and services as well as offer other after-sale services. The successful conclusion of this six-stage process ensures the customer gets the best consumer experience and value from the company (Lorimer, Sinha & Zoltners, 2009).
How does Alison Capossela provide solutions for Xerox customers?
Alison Capossela is basically the face of the company owing to the duties and tasks she performs for Xerox Corporation. She is a sales representative at the company, and as such, a principal contact for their customers. She provides solutions to customers of the company by engaging them in a number of activities such as selling products to customers, or dealing with their billing and service issues. The latter involve issues that the customers may raise to the company regarding the payments they have to make for the products and services they acquire from the company, as well as the kind of services the products deliver. She works had to ensure that the company’s customers get maximum satisfaction from their products and services as well as remain loyal to the company. This ensures growth in sales and competitive advantages of the company (Cravens, Meunier-FitzHugh & Piercy, 2011).
Why is the Xerox training program so important to the companys success?
The training program offered by the company is vital to its growth and success. The company adopted a personal selling strategy that ensures customers derive value from the company’s products and services. As such, the best people charged with the duty of promoting customer value and ensuring customers get the best experiences while using products from Xerox are the sales representatives. This is why it is paramount to train them so that they know how, when, and where to apply their personal selling experiences in order to woe new customers into the corporation as well as creating loyal ones (Lorimer, Sinha & Zoltners, 2006).
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