Sacred narrative

Christian perspective on the origin of mankind From the traditional Christian perspective, man was a creation of God. The supreme creation nature of human beings could only be related to the power that was more superior to humans. The Christian explanation cites that man was created to resemble God. In addition, man was created first them from his ribs a woman was created. This is provided in spiritual readings and scriptures that date back to the era of Christ on earth. Generally, the creation of man was from the supernatural power God as the Supreme Being (Brunner 12).
The fundamental nature of man as depicted by Christianity is provided in biblical teachings. Teachings provide that the creation resembled the nature of God. For this reason, the view of man from this religious perspective is a father-son relationship. In addition, the nature of man can only be explained by the supreme nature and abilities of God. The conduct of man is also dictated to be in line with biblical scriptures as required by the Father (Brunner 23). This creates the assertion that man is made to fit the description and behavior of God.
Man is the determinant of their ultimate fate. Christianity believes in life after death. However, someone’s fate after death is determined by their nature and behavior in life. The fate may be either eternal peace for the righteous of eternal suffering for the sinners (Brunner 36). God’s promise after death is happiness and peace in a heaven or paradise to his children.
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