Running head: old reliable life insurance

Running head: Old Reliable Life Insurance Old Reliable Life Insurance Israel Crawford Stevens-Henager College Old Reliable Life Insurance Most of the salespeople for Old Reliable Life Insurance are visiting customers in their homes or offices. Today, the salespeople carry a laptop computer to show value projections and cash flow summaries for various policies. Many of them also carry a PDA for appointments and a mobile phone. Julie would like to ensure that salespeople have access to the home office server computers while they are making their sales presentations to customers. In order to do this I have prepared three of the best options, to be reviewed, that I believe would benefit the customer as well as the salesperson. My first recommendation would be Citrix XenApp Fundamentals. This would allow secure access to the servers and applications for anywhere and any devices as if the salesperson was in the office. For a small business this allows up to 75 users accounts. With Social Security numbers and along with other private information this will provide security of information. Only one down fall to this software it is difficult to use at first. My second option would be, TightVNC. TightVNC is a free remote control software package which allows you to remote into your desktop and allows access to all programs for the computer anywhere. Cost is 70 dollars per user per year, which is not very cost effective. Also must have a desktop machine on the network at the home office. The full overhead cost would not be expensive. My third option would be, Sync Software. Sync Software is software that allows upload and download of all information with the simple push of the button. It is cheap and effective but all Syncs must be done on the home office network. It is time consuming, and Syncs can fail from time to time. Costs vary from program to program along with license. This could go both ways either is very expensive or it could be very cheap depending on which software is used. The best choice for options would be Citrix XenApp Fundamentals. For the cheapest way to make this work is to get rid of all the desktops at work and move to mobile workstations. It is now cheaper to get laptops than desktops. Then all software the company uses can be installed on the laptop and then the sales people can log into the servers from remote locations all they would need is a internet connection. With Mobile phones the can use their phones for internet connection. This meets the demands of what the company looks for. There is one downfall of this software. It does require training but it can be done all in one to two days. If the IT staff can complete the training in 4 days for every salesperson, it would be very effective software. Overall I do believe that it is the software for the company. References http://www. citrix. com/products/xenapp/features/editions/fundamentals. html? ntref= prod_biz http://www. tightvnc. com/ http://sync-software-review. toptenreviews. com/