Retailer Assignment Currently, I am planning to purchase the Levono laptop over the internet. However, before the purchase, I will first go to different types of stores to check on the pricing and the models of the machine. In this case, I will visit a department store and a common supermarket in my home area. As expected, my experience in the supermarket was completely different from the department store. Differences in experience were evident in the responses of the sales personal, price, product assortment.
Product Assortment
With variations of products and consumer buying behaviors, most products in the supermarket were displayed on the shelves. In this case, shelf displays remain an important resource especially in the retail environment. Products in the supermarket were assorted depending on the order of the purchasing patterns (Krull, Kathleen & Greenberg 58). In simple terms, the consumer behavior determines the product assortment in the supermarket. On the other hand, departmental stores focused on specific products. Product assortment in the departmental stores simultaneously required large spaces to accommodate most products. During my visit, each departmental store specialized in certain product types whereas the products were assorted depending on their prices and quality.
Whereas prices in department stores were cheaper and negotiable, supermarkets prices were a bit high and fixed.
Level of Service
While the supermarket preferred the self-service aspect, departmental stores used the assorted service model. In the supermarket, the customers perform nearly all of the services especially with retail purchasing (Krull, Kathleen & Greenberg 76). This involves self-selection and self-checkouts. On the other hand, the assorted service offered by the department store meant that the retailer offers some service level to the customers (Belisle 35). In this case, the service includes product selection assistance, handling the point-of-purchase transaction and offering delivery.
Responses to the Sales Staff
Responses to sales personnel in both stores were quite different. While sales personnel in supermarkets do not easily engage the customers, sales staffs in department stores offer some service level to the customers. In fact, they engage with customers by assisting them in production selection, offering delivery and handling the point-of-purchase transaction(Belisle 35). Their responses to customers are always positive as compared to sales personnel in supermarkets.
Store Atmospherics
From the experience, it was evident that department stores were much bigger than the supermarkets. Additionally, the store atmospherics was more sophisticated, unlike the supermarkets. In this case, there was the difference in terms of the interior décor, odors, lighting, and colors. The department stores were quite big with the good lighting system. There were also proper sound systems within the department store. On the other hand, the supermarket had nice interiors with nice odor. The interior décor looked awesome.
After the experience, I preferred purchasing the Laptop machine from the department store rather than the supermarket. The department store tends to offer larger varieties of products than the stores. Additionally, the store offers better customer service, unlike the supermarkets. In fact, sales staff in the department store tends to offer guidance to customers seeking to purchase products from the store.
Buying the Product on the Internet
Buying the product on the internet is also preferable since it is easier and faster. Additionally, I will be able to get all details regarding the product on the internet. Therefore, I will be more knowledgeable on the product.

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