Responsibilities and duties of holiday inn manager

In a holiday inn business, managers run the room rentals with duties that vary depending on the size and type of the business. Under the premise that holiday inn type of lodging is popular with vacationers and business travelers alike; innkeepers are the most charming, well- informed persona about their area and should be one of the nicest folks around. Inn-keepers take pride in their capacity to provide enjoyment and satisfaction for their clients . They also become the trusted representatives of the holiday inn entrepreneur or owner to take charge of their entire holiday inn business. This is a serious business that requires patience and hard work and hone in one’s leadership skills to be able to mobilize the holiday inn staff to work alongside one another.

In the face of stiff competition, holiday inn managers stand untrammeled through a charismatic personality that works with this hands and his mind to transform the business into an asset for his owner and for the entire community. With the recognizable process of globalization, bigger businesses are deregulated providing chances for smaller-scale business to slowly excel. Accommodations in the United States have risen as homeowners decide to rent out their homes to the traveling public. Careful to cater to the demands of the traveling clients some dwellings are converted into owner-occupied establishments.

Though not entirely different from a holiday inn, such smaller capacity inns are often operated by the owners themselves while holiday inns in a larger scale needs a trained and knowledgeable manager to take care of the business. Both types of operations often cater to a very transient type of clients, from bed and breakfast types to tourists and travelers who mostly belong to the working class shying away from the urban grind. No matter what the scale of operation entails though, there in an ultimate need to manage and maintain the facilities all year round despite during off-seasons. Inn managers are therefore duty-bound to receive all guests or travelers and provide them with the necessary food and lodging unless he can provide a healthy explanation for refusing a client . One must posses a healthy attitude and interest to his clients and to plan a schedule for the vacationers set to enjoy the holiday season. One must possess enough patience to understand that inn-keeping is a serious business that requires energy for success and a need for timeless duties where work seems to remain undone at the end of the day .

This is particularly why holiday inn managers live within the inn or the hotel itself to keep up with the 24-hour on call job. Early in the morning, an inn-manager may scramble to manage breakfast preparations and even fill in for the position of absent workers considering the fewer employees a holiday inn requires in comparison to a grander scale vacation hotel. Later in the evening, an inn manager finds time to entertain guests during dinners and most likely gets invited to functions within the community. Inn managers should understand that everything is a parcel and package of his job seeing to it that the media mileage is enhanced at a limited cost to the institution. Holiday inn managers also set room rates and monitor the income and expenses of the holiday inn.

Along with their numerous duties, they manage and supervise their staff and even attend to their counseling needs from time to time. Depending on the scale of the holiday inn operations, holiday inn managers would be lucky to be able to hire an assistant manager or an executive housekeeper to take charge of keeping the hotel spic and span for everyone. Front Office Managers can also be hired to take charge of room reservations and assignments. Food and Beverage managers are also hired to oversee restaurant and banquet operations and plan menus, set a standard pricing and coordinate hotel activities along with the clients. More often the specific jobs and many administrative tasks mentioned above are assumed by the holiday inn manager who at the same in becomes the resident manager when every staff mentioned are unavailable due to the scale of the operations. Holiday inn managers also take in the supervisory responsibility of hiring new staff and disciplining errant workers.

During peak seasons holiday inn managers seek additional temporary staff to help around. They manage worker’s performance to make sure that company rules and procedures are strictly followed. They also inspect the hotel premises and coordinate with other staff to resolve customer complaints. Most likely, a holiday inn manager would be tasked to assign duties to workers and even schedule their shifts. Planning for events and coordinating with the key employees within the premises are also unmistakably a holiday inn manager’s job when other workers fit to handle the job are absent. Marketing stints which happen to be a tedious task for the marketing staff falls in a holiday inn manager’s lap and he cannot escape from the duty.

In subordination with marketing agencies, they set themselves ways and means to find a marketing catch for the holiday inn operations to attract clientele. In the interest of the client and in conjunction with the law, the holiday inn keeper or the manager strives to study and understand the in-depth rights of the clients and the service provider at the same time . They strive to understand and balance the rights and duties of the client and the institution at the same time. A holiday inn manager is responsible to provide patrons a safe place in which to lodge or eat within acceptable bounds and get paid for services rendered .

Holiday inns, hotels and resorts as a service institution are often subjected to customer complaints and at times are slapped with lawsuits. A holiday inn manager’s key task is on the prevention of any untoward conflict that may arise between the staff, the inn and his clients. He must therefore be able to mediate any differences between themselves and is therefore relied upon to understand the principles of the business. He should also be well-equipped with a respectable knowledge of the hospitality law in order to coordinate between the rights and duties of the service institution and the client. As a day to day business, holiday inn managers the pride in serving their patrons successfully from front office reservations and welcoming the clients in the initial phase and seeing to it that services advertise coincide with services rendered.

Holiday inn managers also take charge of every ministerial duty from accounting, contracts to negotiation and purchasing of items for the institution. Such specific duties depend and vary according to the size and type of operations but overseeing the daily operations along with providing optimal service is his main responsibility. Placing a distinctive style to his service or activity upgrades his status; however his failure is his demise as a holiday inn manager. He is tasked to keep a friendly relationship with clients and a stronger friendship with regular patrons.

He is the superman of the entire operations because of his capacity to juggle all the duties of several persons in his daily job. He is also a liaison for the holiday inn ownership and put up with the long in order to maintain an amicable working relationship with his staff. On the average, most holiday inn managers do not stay long with the job and often build up a resume and find positions that allow them the freedom to operate their own businesses. However, some holiday inn managers enjoy the daily challenge and background of their jobs as they grow to enjoy the respect they gain from the local community.

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