Response to classmate’s self reflections in language and pragmatics essay

I think that Aimee’s reaction regarding communicating with others who are not close to her is natural.

People naturally communicate through language especially if they do not know the other person that well. We hesitate to be physically close to them and communicate more comfortably through language because we can express our thoughts and emotions better. Aimee’s way of greeting is the same as mine. I casually greet people whom I know very well and those who are younger than me. However, I show more respect to people with authority and to those who are inferior to me in terms of position at the workplace. With regard to anger, I think that Aimee is reacting the right way. It is good that she allows herself to be “ normal” when in front of her family but it is better that she is professional when it comes to expressing her anger and disappointment in front of her colleagues and students.

Aimee and I are alike in terms of showing affection because we both express this by doing something significant like cooking for our husbands. I grew up in a conservative culture and family which taught me how to be polite and respectful, especially through verbally communicating with others. Like Aimee, I also make it a point to demonstrate this in front of my students in class and hope that they will be able to learn this from me as well.

Response to Janelle’s self reflection: Janelle also has the same way of greeting as with me in that I am casual when dealing with friends and family but more respectful when greeting people who are older and who hold higher positions. With regard to anger, it is good to know that Janelle can control it and indicate why she was upset in the first place before reacting violently. I can say that just like what she said, it is easier to be stricter with younger people than with older ones because older people can sometimes be closed-minded, which makes it hard to argue with them. Although we can talk to them, it would be hard for us to persuade them especially out of anger when compared to younger people. Janelle and I are similar in showing affection to other people. We can be physical with our family but are more reserved with friends and acquaintances. I also believe that showing respect within the four walls of the classroom and in school is important because this would teach students, which can influence them to act the same way outside of the school premises. Response to Allison’s self reflection: I agree with Allison when she said that people feel more comfortable when you greet them casually.

This would make them more at ease when starting a conversation. In terms of feelings of anger, Janelle states that she always makes it a point to say sorry, which I think is important because this will allow a person to feel much better and make the other person not hold any grudge against her. People should practice saying sorry, especially when it is really needed and the argument is not that serious. It is the best way to resolve things peacefully. Janelle also demonstrates different ways on how to show affection to others.

This is important to note because showing affection is not just through actions but also through words and compliments. I have to agree with her when she said that the most effective way of showing respect is by listening to what others are saying. This will show how much professional you are and how you respect others’ opinions even if you do not necessarily agree with what they are saying. It is also important to conform the language that you use with the type of person you are talking to.