Respiratory system case study

The transmigrate proteins that give transport to these molecules across the membrane are specific for these molecules, or ones very similar to them. 4. ) No, because the small compounds enter or leave the cell only through diffusion. 5.

) The lungs (respiratory system) and their perfusion of blood (circulatory system) together show physiological gas exchange. All cells that require oxygen supply and carbon dioxide disposal undergo this gas exchange with extracurricular environment. Considering the small size of the molecules involved and the large surface area, this IS probably the best method. . ) During the great dehydration the stomach virus somehow raised the ethnicity of the extracurricular environment, activating the movement of water from the inside the cell to outside to balance solute concentrations across the membrane. The electrolytes in sports drinks are meant to enter into the cell, raise the ethnicity relative to the outside.

This would cause water retention inside the cell keeping it hydrated, therefore the opposite of dehydration. 7. ) Cellular respiration is a long and complicated reaction network but is simplified by impel combustion reaction.

Glucose combines with oxygen to exothermically produce carbon dioxide and waste. 3.

) The sodium-potassium pump is a transmigrate protein that transfers sodium and potassium ions against their concentration gradient to establish goal concentrations on either side of the membrane. These concentrations imply a certain Chemical potential difference across the membrane, which is important in the electrochemical processes that take place along the surfaces of axons in the nervous system or cells in musculature. 3.

Transport proteins are amino acids polymers that somehow function in selectively facilitating the movement of other substances across the cellular membrane. They are important because most molecules can’t simply disputes across the membrane like oxygen and carbon dioxide can.

Without these proteins, very few energy or storage molecules would enter the cell, few waste molecules would leave the cell. And basic psychological functions like muscle contraction would not function, leading to the breakdown of multicultural systems that are needed for the survival of an organism.