Research paper on us fire safety organizations

NFPA – National Fire Protection Association http://www. nfpa. org/
The role of NFPA is to publish and distribute fire prevention codes and standards and provide information on education, training, and research to reduce the risk of fire.
USFA – U. S. Fire Administration www. usfa. fema. gov/
USFA is a part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency. The role of USFA is to provide fire and emergency services resources to aid in the prevention, preparedness, and response.
NIOH – National Institute of Occupational Health www. nioh. org/
The role of NIOH is to research environmental and occupational health risks. This research involves clinical work such as epidemiological and environmental health studies. NIOH participates in the monitoring of toxic agents in the workplace and community. In addition to research, the institute plays a vital role in education and the dissemination of information regarding environmental and occupational health risks.
ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials www. astm. org/
The role of ASTM is to develop and disseminate voluntary consensus standards. These standards are used to improve product quality and safety, build consumer confidence, and provide guides, specifications, and testing methods and practices.
UL – Underwriters Laboratory www. ul. com/
UL is an independent safety science company. The role of UL is to test, inspect, audit, certify, advise, and train. UL is made up of five groups: Verification Services, Knowledge Services, Product Safety, Life and Health, and Environment.
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration http://www. osha. gov/
The role of OSHA is to ensure safe workplaces for employees by developing and enforcing standards and providing education, training, outreach, and assistance.
FM – Factory Mutual https://www. fmglobal. com/
FM provides comprehensive world-wide commercial and industrial property insurance. It participates in property loss prevention research, engineering-driven underwriting and risk management solutions, and professional claims handling.
ANSI – American National Standards Institute www. ansi. org/
The role of ANSI is to improve quality of life and competitiveness of US business. It promotes and facilitates conformity assessment systems and voluntary consensus standards. It safeguards the integrity in a wide range of areas from construction equipment to dairy and livestock production to energy distribution systems.
ISO – Insurance Services Office www. iso. com/
ISO provides information regarding casualty and property insurance risk for personal and commercial clients to protect people, financial assets, and property. Among the resources ISO provides policy language, fraud detection tools, data management, and predictive modeling tools.