Research methods research proposal sample

Definition of terms

According to Remenyi (2007), Positivism is a system in which the research can be approached. He further clarifies that the basic philosophy behind this approach is that all the positive facts are based on factual knowledge or positive facts gathered scientifically using observable experience. On the other hand, interpretivism according to Greener (2012) is a view which asserts that the world and reality are not objective and external as many may think but subjective.

Research Topic

The paper shall research on the topic: “ does motivated workforce increase productivity in the organization”. Some of the available literature topics already worked on and which relates to the topic include: measuring productivity and significance of motivation in the work force. However, limited research has been done concerning the topic stated yet productivity is important for increased standards of living within the country. This is why I found it prudent to research on this topic.

Application of Research Philosophies

How the topic may be approached through pure positivism
Some of the methodologies that can be applied in this topic to ensure that it is studied purely from the positivism point of view include the use of open ended questionnaires; the open ended questionnaires enables the selected respondents to provide relevant information related to the topic after which the data is interpreted scientifically to arrive at a conclusion.


They admit that despite the fact that there are many interpretation of reality, such interpretations are part of the scientific knowledge individual may be perusing since the approach employ the use of qualitative techniques to collect data. Bryman (2007).
According to the interpretivism school of thought, individuals do tend to formulate their own meanings and interpretations which are subjective as they interact with others. This implies that interpretive researchers tend to understand phenomena through accessing the meanings assigns to them by the participants. Interpretivists believe that the knowledge of reality is asocial construction made by the human actors and the same applies to the researches. . Bryman (2007)
How the topic may be approached through pure interpretive


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