Reproductive and emotional behaviors

Reproductive and Emotional Behaviors Question Among the factors that affect the behaviors of an individual are both environmental and genetic factors. Sex is however, an intricate affair that is both physical and psychological. The existences of such deviant sexual behaviors as pedophilia or necrophilia validate the claim that sex is indeed a psychological feature (Brown, 2006). The environment influences the process of self-identity, while sex is a genetic concept; gender is a social terminology that refers to the roles associated with every sex. This implies that an individual’s environment helps determine the definition of the two genders thereby influencing his or her belief on either sexes. Genetics in most cases influence the sex of an individual, the production of either the X or the Y chromosome results in the birth of either a male or a female child. The child’s sexual orientation will on the other hand rely on the society’s definition of either male or female. From the childhood games to the responsibilities of either, an adult male or female one acquires respective and definite genders and sexual behaviors.
Question 2
“ Programmed” physiological responses refer to the attitudinal reactions an individual acquires when faced with a particular event. Such result from the beliefs that such reactions helps the body respond appropriately to the circumstances thereby helping the body overcome such. The responses motivate the body to react as programmed thereby producing appropriate amounts of hormones to facilitate particular reactions. Such responses influence the health of an individual owing to the fact that they affect the amount of hormones the body produces in response to the various circumstances. The responses are adaptable owing to the fact that they depend on an individual’s environment (Bradley, 2003). The change of an environment can therefore easily change the beliefs thereby changing the programmed response.
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