Report on methodology



Over the past 17 weeks, I have attended classes for this course as well as team projects where we learned and deliberated on many concepts. The class work involved listening to lectures from our course tutor. Notably, the lecturer allowed for active participation by all members of the class by allowing students to ask questions and give necessary opinions and ideas whenever necessary. As a requirement, the class members were supposed to team up as appropriate into discussion groups. Essentially, the groups formed by class members held weekly discussions and made presentations in order to foster active class participation and ensure that each of the class members made the necessary contribution to make the class activities successful. Generally, all the class members participated actively in the class activities through contributing in the discussion groups and availing themselves for class presentations. Members of the particular groups played various roles like explaining certain concepts during the class presentations. This clearly implies that most members of the class actively participated in class activities. To carry out a thorough analysis for class participation and team report, I will use a distinct methodology to ensure effective data analysis.

Our study involves collecting data and information addressing factors that contribute or even negatively affect active class participation by students in the process of learning. Essentially, active class participation is necessary since it plays a significant role in enabling both students and tutors to share influential ideas and opinions, which may have a positive influence on the learning process. Our methodology will enable the researcher to obtain data and information reflecting possible conditions, which may prevail in the class, while teaching students. Research method adopted in this study employs different data collection tools and instruments. This is necessary to enable the researcher to use the appropriate tools necessary to analyze the findings and produce a report relevant to the problem of study. Notably, there is an inherent problem in the learning process in that there are some factors, which may hinder active participation in class. In order to address the problem, it is necessary to highlight the benefits associated with active class participation in order to encourage and motivate class members in this regard.


In week one, the class activities involved preparations for class activities. I was a member of two teams within the duration of the course. In team one; I answered six questions out of the sixteen questions that our team was supposed to respond to. This is a clear indication that I played an active role in contributing to provision of answers for questions allocated to my team. In addition to answering the questions, I reviewed the narrative developed by our team four times. I also made a review of the power point presentation that contained the details of our narrative. I made six commons for my group in order to ensure that we submitted better and more acceptable piece of work. As a team member, I found that working in a team gives one an understanding of various aspects. For instance, one is able to develop competent research skills when searching for answers to challenging questions in order to develop the team narrative. Still, teamwork enhances the communication skills of an individual. I was able to master communication techniques and approaches when addressing a group of people. I also learned how to make a presentation in reporting on the findings obtained after research. As a team member, I learned how to relate with other members of the team and foster team activities so that the objectives of the team are well met.
In team two, I answered four questions out of fourteen questions that our group was supposed to respond to. Besides, I also reviewed the narrative we had drawn twice. All the members of our group had each a question to respond to based on the number of the questions allocated to our team. They were also required to review the narrative and look at the power point presentation. This implies that members of our team were active in contributing to the success of our team activities. I made three commons in different times for my group in order to ensure that we submitted better work. As a member of this team, I found out that working in a team gives me wide understanding with regard to various aspects that prevail in different situations. For instance, I learned to appreciate the opinions of other people and avoid dismissing them as unreasonable even when the people may error at times. I also learned to respond to questions appropriately during presentations, as was a role that I played as a class activity. I also learned to cooperate with others and lead teams when working in a group to enhance a team project. This is because of the role I played as a leader of this steam. Our participation in various activities of the class clearly show that there was active participation by all members of the class as each of the groups made their presentations and discussions as appropriate. Each of the groups had volunteers who came out to explain concepts discussed in the groups and carry out the presentation in the class.
I responded to all the students’ debates, as was a requirement that all the members of the class respond to debates presented by other members. I wrote my responses and posted them online so that they could be accessible to all the students. I also noticed that all other students in different groups made their responses to the debates made by other students. This clearly indicates that there was active class participation by all the members for this particular course. Like every other member of the class, I used several resources in answering the questions that were allocated to me. This is a clear indication of due concern for class activities and volunteering to actively participate in class. I also used several resources when responding to the debates made by the other students. This was in order to ensure that I made effective and well appropriate responses for each debate.