Report on marketing management (comparing brands) assignment

In the indoor amusement parks brand perception of consumers and consumer purchasing power are the main factors which determine their buying behavior and brand of entertainment services. In the indoor amusement parks age factor is the most dominant factor in daily footfalls. In different indoor theme parks different age group consumers come and they impact on the buying behavior. This study will provide you with the marketing management strategy comparison between two brands of the same category and the project research analysis.

The markets are very versatile, unique in nature and changes in technology, globalization, and customizations are only a few factors that affect the markets constantly and effectively. The marketing strategy “ outlines the way in which the marketing mix is used to attract and satisfy the target market and achieve an organization’s goals” (Evans & Barman 1997, 61). RESEARCH PLAN: The study is descriptive in nature to examine the marketing management strategy of the organizations, consumer buying behavior and brand perception of consumers.

The research involved gathering Secondary data as well as Primary data. For the purpose, survey was conducted to collect the data. Consumer survey was conducted to gather initial data from the market as they are the one who constitute the market and the 5 target of the business. Hence, a consumer survey was done to know their wants, purchasing power, and buying habits to know their brand perception and buying behavior. Secondary data regarding footfalls of the organizations, buying pattern and other related was collected from the internet, magazines, newspapers, and mall management itself.

In the research made, it was observed that the prices of rides in the beginning were quite high, as the organization was coming up with the revenues. Now after gaining relevant profits and revenues, it is introducing different packages and deals on the regular basis and also on some occasions they have some new activity and offer for their customers. Market skimming for Fun City makes sense under the following conditions: A sufficient number of customers have a high current demand for this kind of entertainment arena. Its high price communicates the image of a superior service brand.

Different deals and discounts at The name of this organization, its sign, symbol and design intended to identify the goods and services it offers and differentiate it from its competitors. This brand represent enormously valuable pieces of legal and property that can influence consumer behavior, be bought and sold, and provide the security of the sustained future revenues. Brand logo of Fun City The brand loyalty with its customer is being Judged by its care and constantly adopting to change according to its customer needs and wants. Fun City offers it’s very own cafe & fun bakery.

Mrs.. Mayor offers an international kids & adult menu put together by chefs with over 30 years of international experience. The menu includes our mouthwatering Pains, Pastas, Crepes, Pizzas, Burgers and Sandwiches. Mrs.. Mayor Cafe also offers smoothies, mossbacks and cold coffee selections to boost your energy. Apart from this, Mrs.. Mayor Cafe also offers catering solutions with a delightful menu variety for those interested: Children’s birthdays at Fun City Birthdays for Teenagers and Adults Mum & Kid’s Play dates Office Get-together Events & Corporate Bookings General Party & GET Functions 10 3. MARKET OFFERING:

The Fun City also includes services-activities or benefits offered for sale that are essentially intangible and do not result in the ownership of anything but experience. Fun City plans and organizes truly customized birthday parties to make birthday the most memorable day of your child with exclusivity and fun! Forget all your party planning troubles and let Fun City take care of all your birthday celebrations through our fun-filled activities that range from The Mayor’s Treasure Hunt to the Mayor’s Dandruff. Fun City Birthday Packages include: Activity Bouquet & Planning Free Attractions & Rides Bouquet

Up to 25% discount on Arcade Games & Additional Rides with Advance Purchase of Game Credit Thematic Menu & Catering Services for Large Birthday Parties Birthday Cakes & Customized Goodie Bags from Our Range of Fun City Merchandise Fun City A-Z Birthday Party Planning, including, Designing of Invites and “ Pick your Theme” Offerings 11 Birthday City- Fun City is Yours and All Facilities are Free for you & your guests for up to 3 hours Standard “ Birthdays on a Budget” Bundles with Kiddies Meal Kit. 4. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: As the target audience of Fun City s Schools, so they have competitive advantage over rarest in this segment.