Renewable energy technology research paper

At some point in time the world will ruin out of the fossil fuels and natural gases everyone uses to provide electricity and power. What will happen when these resources run out? There are resources everyone can use to substitute the non- renewable resources. Renewable Energy Technology Is Important because the world right now relies on fossil fuels and nuclear power to make electricity. Depending on fossil fuels and nuclear power Is hazardous to the climate and can be very unhealthy.

Wind, Solar, Bio-energy and Gee-thermal are renewable energy resources that can be seed to play the same role as fossil fuels and nuclear power to generate electricity without the health and climate hazards. There are many college classes one can take to get some experience in the renewable energy technology field. These classes are very important to get a better understanding on what to do and how to help the world survive without fossil fuels. There are a lot of benefits to using renewable energy resources.

These benefits will help local and global economies along with bettering the climate globally. The need for Jobs in the field are booming and growing every year. All fossil fuels are non-renewable resources, fossil fuels are coal oil, and natural gases from the world that people use for energy. Renewable energy resources consist of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and blob energy. These renewable resources can help the world from running out of nonrenewable resources. Renewable Energy Technology Is a growing major In the world of education.

SUNY Marseille has one of the best programs in New York State. Although right now this technology program. ” At Marseille one must obviously take renewable energy technology classes such as intro, seminar, analysis technology, biomass energy, and Wind and Hydro energy systems. Electrical classes are also a must along with math, English, science and History. As a second year student one is encouraged to take some technical electives. Some of these electives are very important to get some experience for renewable energy like plumbing, diesel systems, and heating and energy systems. (Admissions 2013) Each class teaches specific advancements to the field of work. The first year classes one would take are to get a grasp on what happens technically and how all these renewable resources work in different parts of the world. The second third and fourth year of the renewable energy technology major goes into big detail on how each resource is put together, and how it helps the climate and economy. Each elective one will take will help a student on one field of renewable energy. There are many benefits that come with using renewable energy resources. Using renewable energy resources benefits the environment because it is cleaner to use and it’s environmental impact is a lot lower than non renewable energy resources. Another key benefit is these renewable energy resources will never run out of energy. There will always be more of the resources to use over and over gain. A big benefit to using renewable energy resources is Jobs and economy. (Why is Renewable) Using renewable energy helps the economy because of the amount of jobs that keep increasing throughout the world.

The more Jobs there are the more unemployment decreases. Many students know at least some topics and information on renewable energy technology before making the decision to make it their major. Although some students may not know anything about the topic it is still a good major to get involved in. Job opportunities in renewable energy technology are starting to increase as the topic becomes bigger and bigger every year. The reason it is getting bigger is because eventually the world will run out of non-renewable energy resources such as petroleum, oil, coal and natural gas.

Therefore it is important to have people educated on how to repair, install and create ways to replace the non-renewable energy resources with renewable energy resources. ” In 2010 the United States wind industry and related fields employed 85, 000 Americans. The United States solar industry estimated about 93, 000 workers, and the solar industry was expected to grow about 26 percent by august 2011. The Geothermal is the least popular Job with only an estimated 5, 200 Jobs. The biomass industry had about 14, 000 Jobs in 2010. The Most popular renewable energy resources industry is Hydrophone with 200, 000 to 300, 000 Jobs in 2010. Bobs in Renewable 2011) People might even pick this major because of the pay when one lands a Job in the work force. A renewable energy technician’s average salary is about 72, 000 dollars. The salary will differ with the location, company, and one’s experience. Even though this type of work is increasing very rapidly it is not very likely for one to be able to get a job without some sort of college experience with the Renewable Energy major. This yep of work is very important and one needs a certain set of skills learned at college to be able to be successful.

The renewable energy technology can be an associates degree program or a bachelors degree program. The only big difference between the two in the work force is the salary. Dry. Ballard a professor said in one of his average salary around 36, 000 to 40, 000 dollars and a person with a bachelors degree has a salary anywhere from 50, 000 to 120, 000 dollars. ” Of course the salary will differ with the company, location, and one’s experience. Experience is another big reason to go to school before trying to get a Job in this field. While going to school there are plenty of opportunities to do some hands on work that one might do after college.

Having as much experience as you can before getting a Job is very important. A lot of people probably think that having a Job they love and enjoy going to everyday is a big part of having a happy life. With that being said, if one does what is expected and gets the experience they need in college it is almost a guarantee students will get a job right out of college in the renewable energy technology field. Having a Job you love and worked hard to get while making good money sounds like a good life. There are many different aspects of this work so one might be into solar panels and another might be into wind turbines.

The great thing about the field is one can work with any of the renewable energies it Just depends on the climate one lives in. There isn’t another major like renewable energy technology that has a booming increase in employment but the Landscape architectural studies program is another program at Suny Marseille that one may find a Job right out of college. ” landscape architectural studies is an associates degree program teaching students how to plan and design landscaping. (Admissions 2013) Like the renewable energy technology program landscape architecture includes a lot of math in their program because of measurements and conversions.

Both programs have a lot of hands on work for students who want to get some experience while still in school. The Landscape architecture program has students work on all the flowers and tree beds around campus and the renewable energy technology program has wind turbines up at the dairy building. Both programs are very involved on campus. Although the programs have some similarities on campus, the work force has more differences. The Job employment for landscape architecture is not as big as renewable energy technology and the salaries are very different.

Renewable Energy Technology will be very important to the world for a long time. It is a cheaper way of living and once the world runs out of fossil fuels it will be the only way to produce energy. The renewable energy technology programs in colleges are growing rapidly because of the increase of employment in the field. People that take advantage of the great program will be happy with there decision when they get a Job right out of college. Not everyone will ay into using renewable energy resources as a way of living, but every person that does helps the economy and the climate globally.