Relaxing place: basketball court

I have played basketball since I began walking, literally. Almost everyone in myfamilyhas played basketball; therefore, I grew up knowing the fundamentals of the game. My mother and father had a huge role in teaching me the basics of the game. They taught me how to hold the ball, how to move my feet, and how to mental adjust myself to the pressure. I automatically loved everything about basketball. I grew up watching several games on the television with my father. My family and I loved going to watch We’ve basketball games.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the surroundings. From the time I experienced that atmosphere, my dream formed. I wanted to play on that same court as all those boys. It was dream, my goal, and I was going to accomplish it. No matter how much work it took, I was going to be out there with a West Virginia University Jersey. As the years passed, the coaches changed and the teammates disappeared. I came into high school thinking I was good enough to play on the varsity basketball team. I was let down, disappointed, and mydreamswere crushed.

I realized that no matter how much dedication andhard workI put In to my ability, some people would never see my true potential. Therefore, I have decided that I am not going to play basketball for the rest of my remaining high school years. Unfortunately, I have had to experience emotions that I never thought I would feel. My dreams have changed and I have realized I will not be playing on that same basketball court as I had thought. Goalscome and go, but basketball will always be In my blood. I will always play for fun, but never for victory.