Reflective : reading and writing in developing skills

Mohammad Tambir Martin English 102 September 11, Reflective Essay The Critical Reading and Writing, was instrumental in developing skills and competencies in reading various literary discourses and in writing essays according to detailed specifications. Consistent with the course objectives, I developed college-level critical reading skills which enabled me to appreciate learning advanced theories and concepts which are related to my field of discipline. Likewise, I was able to adhere to guidelines and techniques in academic writing through conformity to writing styles, observing grammatical rules, and following suggestions or recommendations of peers and the instructor. Through the prerogative provided in revising drafts of essays that were initially written, I was able to assess my personal strengths and weaknesses which assisted in correcting areas that need improvement. I realized that part of the learning process is the acknowledgement of mistakes and the ability to reflect on the progress of my writing process. Through time, I gained the needed confidence in writing and revising essays, according to detailed instructions, until these comply with the needed requirements.
From the time I wrote my first essay, which detailed my worst reading experience, I am relieved that I would never feel embarrassed, nor inept, in exhibiting advanced reading and writing skills. The progress was evident from the lesser mistakes noted by peers and in more positive comments that were noted. I realized the value of proofreading, of developing my vocabulary through constant reading of diverse discourses, and in frequently seeking the needed support and assistance from the writing center. The course was instrumental in making the journey to a more skilled reader and writer a rewarding and successful endeavor.