Refer to ethics case study: to rescue others at what risk and answer the following essay examples

Question 1

There are some possible consequences for the proposed acceptable alternatives. The alternative of raising the alarm may not help since the normal citizens who are at nearby might not accept to risk their lives just like Mary’s husband. Even if they are going to offer their help, some patients might suffocate and die because of the delays. The situation at hand requires instant response hence raising an alarm might not be of much assistance. The alternative of calling the emergency department will also have the same consequences. The fire extinguishers might not respond instantly and for that reason many patients will lose their lives.

Question 2

In prioritizing the acceptable alternatives, I will consider an alternative that offers instant solution to the problem (Hanson 2009). The first alternative that I will consider is that of raising the alarm. There might be some experts in emergency response such as Red Cross officials around who will use their expertise to respond quickly to the problem at hand upon hearing an alarm. The second alternative will be that of contacting the fire extinguishers.

Question 3

In a situation like this, I will consider some factors in trying to solve the ethical dilemma. First of all, I will be guided by the medical ethics. My patients will be my only concern as required by these ethics. I will just do like Margaret and risk my life in an attempt to help them. The principle of preservation of life is the one that will guide me in this situation (Lo 2000). Thus, my first step will be to help the many patients who are at downstairs even if that means losing my life just as Margaret did.


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