Recycling free essay

“ Recycling is very important as waste has a huge impact on the natural environment” (Why Is Recycling So Important? | Eart…

). Every year people throw trash on the ground and don’t think about what happens to the environment. Too much trash on the ground can lead to a disaster. The whole world would be a mess and it will not help the natural environment the animals would try to eat the trash and get sick or die. Recycling is important because it helps reduce pollution from the air which could makepeople sick. “ If people breath in too much pollution it will affect short term memory and IQ”(Air Pollution: What Are We Breathing .

..; Why Is Recycling So Important? | Eart…).

It proves that pollution is bad for us and it effect our daily life style. Now you know one way recycling is good for the natural environment. Another reason why recycling is so important because it reduces toxic waste.” E-waste is valuable as a source of secondary raw material but also toxic if disposed of improperly”(Air Pollution: What Are We Breathing …

). All of the glue, plastic , and the chemicals thrown on the ground that could cause a reaction can cause toxic waste. One of the best reasons I believe recycling is important because you can reuse it. Anything like glass, metal, plastic, and aluminum cans can be recycled and reused. When it gets reused it can make many types of things such as countertops, flooring, bricks, and boxes. People could have more items if more people recycle imaging what people can get from recycling.

Those are the three main reasons why recycling is so important for our environment. Help our world be pollution free so we don’t have to live in this type of environment. After all the world will be a better place people might now think it but if we all recycle we would have many resources which would help a lot and change everyone’s lives. So think about it and tell everyone and watch all the differences happen.