Recycler With time, the earth’s natural resources will soon be extinct considering the rate at which depletion is taking place. One aspect of great concern attributed to the above perspective is that little is in progress to reverse the occurrence and in the near future, there will be no resources for use if no appropriate solution is reached. One of such resources is trees that form the natural habitat for the wild animals and the beauty scenery to the environment. Trees are also important in attracting rain, and therefore, protecting them is an essential aspect in environmental sustenance.
Based on the importance of trees to our environment, and the little being done by the responsible entities to protect the trees, my friends and I have developed a recycling method. One of the greatest damages to trees involves their use in charcoal burning and for use of other posts such as fencing poles. In an urge to curb the damage of trees in charcoal burning and building posts, we have come up with an idea of recycling used plastics and polythene bags in order to make fencing posts out of them. Used plastics and polythene bags are matter that usually makes the environment dirty and finding an appropriate means of disposal that would protect the environment was the best alternative.
After collection of the waste plastics and bags, we then subject them through a process of melting then pouring the melt into metal containers designed in different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose of the posts. Despite the fact that this has not eradicated the falling of trees for making posts, it has significantly reduced the damage done on trees and we project that in the next five years we shall have fully eradicated the menace.