Recruitment & selection: overview


The Project study is about Recruitment & Selection which is important part of any organization. This is considered as a necessary asset of any organization. In fact, recruitment & selection gives a home ground to the organization acumen that is needed for proper functioning of the organization. It gives an organizational structure of the organization. It’s a methodology In which the particular organization works & how a new candidate could br recruited in such a way that he/she would be fitted for the right kind ofcareer. There are two type of factors that affect the Recruitment of candidates for the organization:

•Internal factor
•External factor

The objective of selection decision is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job during their working hours in probation period and also fulfill the qualification criteria. Selection process is typically follow a standard pattern, beginning with initial screeninginterviewand concluding with final employment decision.

Synopsis of the project
“ Recruitment & Selection”
Student’s Name : Dr. Madhur Moreshwar Sant
Hospital Guide : Mr. Sankalp Nagar
Faculty Guide : Mr.

During my training I have tried to know the recruitment & selection strategies or process in hospital. The objectives which are kept in mind, when hiring the staff workers are as follows: •Hiring the employee/staff according to the requirement.

•Hiring those employee who really want to do the work.
•To give preference of those employee who already did the work in the hospital sector.
•Try to hire literate workers for front line employment also.

Findings & Conclusion:

Most of the employees come into the job by their personal contacts and some are come the gateadvertisementand also from gmail via internet . Its means personal contacts and gate advertisement and mail are the source of the employment in Vasudev hospitals Pvt Ltd. Most of the employees are highly satisfied with their job & work which is given by the hospital to them. They also satisfied with the promotion & compensation policy of the hospital. I conclude that Hospaccx India system needs slight improvement in the procedure of Recruitment & Selection because today’s tight labor market is making it more difficult for organization to find, to recruit, and select talented people. Perception about Industry Guide:

I would like to say thank to Mr. Tarun Katiyar (MD, Hospaccx India System), Mrs. Prakrati Shrivastav (Head Operation) , and Team of Vasudev Hospitals Pvt Ltd i. e. my project guide Mr. Sankalp Nagar (Admin), Mr. Ikbal Khan (Management Executive) and Mr. Pravin Prajapati (Management Executive) who really helped me to understand the Recruitment & Selection process. They are very helpful, frank , teacherand supportive in nature.