Records administrators and technicians

Records Administrators and Technicians November 24, 2010 HCR/210 Instructor: Jennifer Briscoe Records Administrators and Technicians The general duties for handling patient records differ between a record administrator (RHIA) and a records technician (RHIT). A RHIT has to have knowledge about medical records and implement the skills that go into filling out all the documents in the files. A RHIA hires and teaches medical record technicians how properly to complete medical documentations.

Three specific examples of differences between a record administrator and a records technician are a technician can assist an administrator, an administrator reviews a technician’s work, and an administrator manages or supervises the medical staff at a medical facility. A RHIT has to be knowledgeable in medical requirements, standards, procedures, regulations, and methods. A technician has to know a wide range of medical codes, medical terminology, and medical record content and organization.

Also a technician has to be well-informed inpsychology, diseases, anatomical systems, read and comprehend a medical chart, and be familiar with other medical departments. A record technician also has to work withhealthcare insurance. A RHIT has many more specific duties when working with medical records. A RHIT uses many medical record knowledge and skills regularly so they must be accurate with the completed records. A RHIA has to have all the knowledge of a medical record technician because they hire and train the new employees.

An administrator only steps into help out a technician if he or she is needed. An administrator also checks a technician work to see if it is complete, accurate, and complies with the federal regulations and facility policies. Administrators are the leaders of facility documentations and develop procedures and policies for the staff. An administrator distributes records when he or she is authorized to by the patients. References: 1997-2010, “ Medical Record Technician” Job Description and Jobs