Read chapters 1-8, in part i of don quixote and answer the question

Don Quixote Don Quixote Don Quixote is an endearing character who defines himself as a heroin his own mind. His concept and ideas of chivalry are inspiring and honorable at the same time. He is a sheer romantic character learns the hard way that his romanticism is beyond the concept of the world he resides in. all his chivalry and heroism is a fruit of his ladylove Dulcinea. Don Quixote is the personification of the word hero. His main motive in life is to bring a change in the world to mend it for the betterment of those who inhabit it. Although, Don Quixote is fighting windmills and herds of sheep, he is performing in the name of chivalry and heroism (Cervantes, 1922).
For Don Quixote it is chivalry is form worship and according to Don he imitates those he looks up to as heroes and so he speaks of it in the following lines:
“ Have I not told thee? … gained as much fame as the most famous.” (Cervantes, 1922)
He explains to Sancho that he imitates those he accepts as his heroes and he tries to be a replica of them for this can be one way to bring change in the world and the mindset of the people. His love for his ladylove is so intense and meaningful that it makes the reader wish and pray through the story that he must win her heart. His believe, courage, consistency, and his inspirational dialogues takes one to the extent where one will start believing in his heroic stances and thoughts (Cervantes, 1922).

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