Psychological defense mechanism

Kelvin responds by saying he thought that she would just say hi, and they would then jog as they chat. Herod request Elizabeth to join them for a jog. Kelvin quickly seconds the idea but immediately cautions her that they usually jog for a long distance without stopping that is why they take the jog only the two of them. However, kelvin can hardly jog for ten minutes. Kelvin begins drinking his water in anticipation of the start of the jog as he also chewed his chewing gum hard. Herod notices the kelvin is unusually talkative and gestures for the jog to start. After the jog, Herod informs kelvin that all people are not the same, and he did not have to judge every person who wants to be their friend all because he was abused by his older female neighbor. Kelvin hits his front door and bangs it as he enters his house.

Kelvin’s action to chew hard the chewing gum depicts the sublimation defense mechanism. Also, his action to start drinking his water is an indicator of the regression defense mechanism. The excuse that kelvin gives regarding his hesitance to shake hands shows a rationalization defense mechanism. Also, Kelvin misinforming Elizabeth that they jog for long without stopping and that the reason they take the jog only the two of them while he is the one who cannot jog for long shows that kelvin possesses projective defense mechanism. Kelvin is unusually talkative thus it is a clear indication that he was not comfortable around Elizabeth but acted comfortable hence showing reaction defense mechanism. Also, Herod’s advice shows that kelvin also had a repression defense mechanism. The manner in which kelvin enters his house and the bang shows that he possesses displacement mechanism since he did not want to lose his best friend even though he did not seem to like Elizabeth who Herod was okay with.