Pros and cons of online education essay examples


More and more people today are beginning to study online. Why is this happening and what kinds of people will benefit from such training? Higher education with the old, familiar way for a long time cannot be attended by everyone. If a person needs to receive second and subsequent higher diplomas, he has increasingly resorted to education online, which has become quite affordable and commonplace. But, in my opinion, we can’t say, that the online education is 100% better than old traditional. There are some pros, of course, but also a number of cons. Now I will describe them briefly.


– Education is available to everyone regardless of age or health status.
– A student can plan their own time and place of employment, adjust the online training under his employment.
– On the webinars it is possible to communicate directly. There is an inverse relationship with the teacher and students.
– A lesson can be recorded on a computer.
– Considerable time is an undisputable advantage online learning. No need to spend time on the road, on the traffic jams, and on visiting classroom lectures.


– A rigid self-discipline. Often you just have to force yourself to learn. Because the success of the process depends on the result of training.
– It’s very hard to study regularly and understand scientific concepts without some outer motivation.
– There are difficulties with the perception of the new printed information. No practice and detailed explanations.
– Not everyone who willing to study have a possibility of rapid and reliable access to the Internet.


Thus, considering all the pros and cons of online learning, and focusing on the fact that the defects can be eliminated, it must be concluded that such education is very convenient for busy people and more modern in our time.
The popularity of this form of learning is characterized by several factors. When a student chooses a short-term training program for professional development, it needs to be in the classroom with a strict schedule, already known to listen to him lecture materials and thoughts. The problems do not arise when studying remotely.

Any student defines a schedule of classes and communicates with teachers via the Internet and email.

How difficult is learning depends on several factors: the student, the level and quality of available knowledge of the specialty itself. The more knowledge is available, the easier it will be given to the new material. The training program online is selected for each individual, which gives the possibility to reduce the period of training. Nevertheless, this kind of education does not suit everyone.
First, there is a trouble with understanding written information. Second, there is no detailed explanation. Third, there is no practice and self-discipline. It’s hard enough to learn a new and unfamiliar material on their own. This should be done regularly, and are usually not easy to force yourself to understand what you do not understand. But if this problem is solved, then the online education is an ideal for a busy person.
Thus, we see that online learning has its pros and cons. Each person can draw conclusions from this information, and on that basis decide how it is better to educate.