Pros and cons of f9100 cingular wireless phone

Communication nowadays is a must especially in long distance relationships. Cell phone has done many important and relevant jobs in order for this communication to be possible. The demand of cell phones increases as new models of it are being released everyday. Almost everyone owns a cell phone with different brands or models. These cell phones are created by the largest phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson. A phone made known to public by LG was the F9100 Cingular wireless phone. The phone was made mainly for text messaging.

The most noticeable feature of this phone is the presence of the QWERTY keyboard which, according to Mobiledia Corporation, “ allocates easier and quicker typing with a more perceptible feel and touch (” LG F9100 Phone”, 2002). ” The keypad buttons are so small that it just does not fit the size of the hand of the user. Although the phone has a very solid keypad, it does not have “@” symbol and it does not have the backspace key which is very disappointing. In terms of the visibility, the phone looks cheap because of its noticeable thickness which nowadays really matters.

Another thing, according to the phone reviews provided by Phone Scoop, is that the “ phone has a poor side clasp that often it slips open in pockets based on the experience of the people who have tried using the phone (” LG F9100-Reviews”, 2001). ” The choice of the Courier font style made the screen and the phone itself looked cheap and low class. Contributing to the poor condition of the mobile phone is the lack of the mode for connectivity such as the Bluetooth and infrared. It also lacks the most interesting accessories one would find in a phone; the mp3, speaker and camera.

The lack of these features makes the phone less accessible and less interesting. The phone has no capability of changing its features like colors, background, and font style and font size. Aside form the poor planning of the LG F9100 Cingular wireless phone, the LG has made some exceptional and quite interesting features of the phone. According to Mobiledia Corporation, “ the phone uses STN (Super Twisted Nematic) which helps save the power and the battery life of the mobile phone (” LG F9100 Phone”, 2002).”

The phone has ground-breaking sliding design by which it can operate in two different ways. One thing added by Mobiledia Corporation was that ” when the phone is closed, the LCD exhibits in a picture format. But when the keyboard is not closed, the phone’s screen switches to more accessible view which provides access for trouble-free SMS (Short Messaging Service) and chatting. The F9100 phone features also include AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and even Cingular’s own chat software (” LG F9100 Phone”, 2002).”

The pros and cons of the built-in design of the LG F9100 Cingular wireless phone have led me to different ideas and suggestions on how to improve the device. The LG must add several features like built-in digital camera, speakerphones and mp3 which I think is of great value and importance to the cell phone user of today’s generation. They should make the device more user friendly by improving the external features of the phone like the side clasp that frequently slides off especially during phone conversations.

The LG must make the color of the icons more interactive and attractive to the users. They must change the font style and color to avoid the phone from looking cheap. They should add other keys such as ‘@”, backspace key and other necessary keys that the phone lacks. Overall, although the F9100 falls short of the expectations for a top-of-the-line unit, this phone is enough for whom a phone is primarily for texting and calling. The importance or relevance of the phone still depends on the user and on the purpose of the user.