Promote me business plan

Promote Me’ will be an internet based company that enables its users to promote their underground art on-line free of charges. It will present a great opportunity for the amateur artists to make their work public. Through the website their work would be viewed by millions of web users, hence getting a sizeable exposure. There are numerous other websites available to the public that offer similar services to this (Unsigned. com [US], Overplay. com); however there are a few major ways in which ‘Promote Me’ differs from the rest.

The Service ‘Promote Me’ will not only be looking for musicians to sign but also graffiti artists, dancers, DJs and producers; anyone who is struggling to gain an audience for their art. Secondly we will offer a rating system that will not only show the public’s view and opinion but will also gain the opinion of an industry professional. By doing so, we would be severing, both the pertinent (art) industries and amateur artists.

We also have connections in themusicindustry to a management agency that currently looks after some of the UK’s most successful artists. We hope to further strengthen ties with them and represent some of the more successful artists to join our website (Takeover Entertainment). It would help the already popular artists, locate fresh talent. Currently there is no such website that offers this level of service and by doing so we predict that we will have the majority market share in a relatively short period of time.

‘Promote Me’s’ main source of income will be from selling advertising space to third parties on our website. Another speculative source will come from a commission charge (finder’s fee) from any sale of art/signing of artists that arises directly from our website. The final source will come from selling our clients information (with permission) to third parties. Target Market Due to the nature of the business, it is likely that we will attract people from nearly all the social classes; however we believe the majority of the interest will come from working class, male and females between the ages of 15 to 26; hence our target market.

Key Risks Exposure will be the greatest risk for us in this business, if we fail to get anyone signing up to or even visiting our website we will be unable to sell advertising space and unable to attract industry professionals. We will overcome this risk using affective SEO (search engine optimisation) and our extensive marketing strategy which includes promotion from a promotions company (PHAT) and extensive radio advertising (including pirate).

Direct competition from established business could also cause issues; if one of our competitors alters their business model so that it reflects ours, they will gain the advantage due to the fact that they already have a customer base and will have greater knowledge of the market. The competencies of ‘Promote Me’ revolve around the idea of ‘value provision’. ‘Promote Me’, could provide value to its customers in a number of ways. The organization’s major core competency would stem around the fact that it has the available services of professionals. Experience indeed has no substitute! These professionals would provide their feedbacks to the amateur artists who would them truly know their standings. This could work both ways!

The amateur artists would learn from the professionals and the professionals, too would have an opportunity to explore new, budding talent. It is worth mentioning that ‘Promote Me’, already has professional ties with ‘Take over entertainment’ – who represent Tinchy Strider, Wiley and Giggs. Other than that ‘Promote Me’ also has ties with ‘Chipmunk’. Internet marketing is hugely reliant on the performance of the ‘search engine optimizer.’

” Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or aweb page (such as a blog) from search engines via ” natural” or un-paid (” organic” or ” algorithmic”) search results as opposed to other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) which may deal with paid inclusion.” – (Wikipedia. com, 2010) SEOs play a pivotal role in any ‘internet marketing’ scheme as they are responsible of keeping the website higher on the list of searches made over a search engine. A good SEO could always make a website look more attractive, user-friendly and could increase the traffic over the website, quite drastically.