Project planning, organizational structure and charter essay samples

Project Management

In my paper you will be able to see the step in the project planning stages, organizational structure, and the charter. There will be steps through each of them. The steps are a very important part of the project planning, the organizational structure, and the charter. In order for everything to run smoothly everyone must give all the respect to each other and must work together to get the project done properly and on time for the delivery.

Project Planning

Project planning is a discipline for stating how to complete a project within a certain timeframe, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources. There are four (4) steps in project planning. The first step would be the project goals. The second step is the project deliverables. The third step is the project schedule and the final step is the supporting plans. In the first step it is very important to know the stakeholders that are involved in the project that is being planned. The second step, since you have gotten the goals already, you then need to create a list of the needs that are needed for the delivery of the project. With the third step you need to know how long each task will take to complete. You will also need to know who is going to be doing each task and making sure that person knows how long each task will take and how long they have to do the task itself. Now, with the final step you will need to make sure that you have your support that you will need if need so (Haughey, n. d.). The support plan should include the following:

Human Resource Plan

Communications Plan
Risk Management Plan
Organizational Structures
There are three (3) different types of Organizational structures . The first one is the Functional structure. The functional structure is a hierarchical type of an organization structure. This is where the employees are placed into groups, their areas of specialization. The people that are in the separated groups are supervised by a functional manager. A functional manager is a person who has the authority over the organizational unit. The functional manager helps the person that is in charged effectively utilize the skills of the employees, which helps the person in charge to achieve the organizational business objectives (” Home of Project Manager » Three types of Project Management Organizations,” n. d.).
Each department will have its own department head, and they will be responsible for the performance of their section. This helps the organization control the quality and uniformity of performance.
The second type of structure is the projectized organization. The projectized organization is defined as an organizational structure that the PM has full authority of the project and they assign priorities to certain people that can do that specific job knowing that pm can trust that person. The projectized organization structure has some unique features and they are as follow (” Home of Project Manager » Three types of Project Management Organizations,” n. d.):
“ The employees report to the PM. The PM has full-time employees of the team who work under his supervision and these people directly report to him.
The project manager possesses complete authority and power over resources to be used in the project. He is the one who controls the work assignments, resources and budget.
When the project is finished, the team is dissolved and the members of the team as well as all other resources are released” (” Home of Project Manager » Three types of Project Management Organizations,” n. d.).
The third (3) structure of the organizational structure is the Matrix. “ The Matrix Organization is usually defined as one where there are multiple reporting lines – that is, people have more than one formal boss. This may incorporate solid lines (direct strong reporting) and dotted lines (a weaker reporting relationship, but still indicating some formal level of ‘ right’ to the individual’s time) or it may mean multiple solid lines to more than one boss” (” What is a matrix organization structure? A definition,” n. d.). “ In a matrix organization, instead of choosing between lining up staff along functional, geographic or product lines, management has both. Staffers report to a functional manager who can help with skills and help prioritize and review work, and to a product line manager who sets direction on product offerings by the company” (” Matrix Organizational Structure: Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples – Video & Lesson Transcript | Study. com,” n. d.). The advantages of matrix structure are:

• The efficiency of resource utilization is increased because of the sharing of expertise and equipments across the projects.

• The coordination of both projects and products will be enhanced in each and across all the departments.
• There is a good flow of information throughout the organization and projects.
• The decisions can be made promptly as the information flow is quicker in matrix through the peoples who are in contact with many other peoples in the matrix.
•” Staffers have to work autonomously and do some self-management between their competing bosses; this can enhance motivation and decision making in employees who enjoy it”. (Haughey, n. d.).


In conclusion, the steps have been followed and the project has gotten done on time and done the proper way that the stakeholders had wanted to be done. The workers had only talked to the PM to make sure all communication was on track and everyone knew what their specific areas that were signed to them to be finished.


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