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McDonald’s is creating a multinational distribution system for all of its foreign and domestic subsidiaries. The project manager is from the corporate headquarters and he manages teams from each of the countries involved. The project would be classified as A) Global B) Overseas C) Local D) Domestic E) Foreign 2 CORRECT The major issues dealing with international project management include all of the following except: A) Selection and training of personnel for international projects B) Foreign currency exchange rates C) Location of international expansion D) Environmental factors E) Challenge of working in a foreigncultureCORRECT The growing presence of the Russian Mafia has discouraged many foreign firms from setting up operations in the former Soviet Union. This is an example of which of the following environmental factors? A) Security B) Economic C) Cultural D) Legal/political E) Infrastructure 4 CORRECT An information systems specialist reported that his performance on a project in Northern Sweden declined due to sleep deprivation during the summer months in which there was 20 hours of daylight each day. This is an example of which of the following environmental factors?

A) Cultural B) Legal/political C) Geographic D) Economic E) Infrastructure 5 CORRECT Needs for a project could include telecommunications, transportation, power, and availability of technically skilled talent. This is an example of which of the following environmental factors? A) Geographic B) Infrastructure C) Economic D) Legal/political E) Cultural 6 CORRECT Which of the following can help a project manager to digest, clarify, and understand the factors leading to the selection of a specific project? http://highered. mcgraw-hill. com/sites/0073403342/student_view0/chapter15/multiple_ch… 1/16/2011 Multiple Choice Quiz Page 2 of 3 A) Risk matrix B) Priority matrix C)Responsibilitymatrix D) Gantt chart E) Contingency matrix 7 CORRECT American project managers have earned a reputation abroad for being very good at understandingtechnologybut not good at understanding: A) Cultures B) People C) Local traditions D) Local business practices E) Laws 8 CORRECT Kluckhohn-Strodtbeck’s cross-cultural framework includes all of the following except: A) Perception of God B) Relation to nature C) Time orientation D) Basic nature of people E) Activity orientation 9 CORRECT

The Hofstede framework includes all of the following dimensions except: A) Masculinity-feminity B) Uncertainty avoidance C) Power distance D) Individualism versus collectivism E) All of these are included in the Hofstede framework 10 CORRECT The significance of personal relationships has created a system in which Mexicans are obligated to give preference to relatives and friends when hiring, contracting, procuring, and sharing business opportunities. This system is referred to as: A) Manana B) Gringo C) Compadre D) Quid pro quo E) Nepotism 11 CORRECT Which of the following is not contained in the Assessment Matrix Project Site

Selection? A) Political stability B) Worker skill, supply C) Infrastructure D) Culture compatibility E) Utilities 12 CORRECT Which of the following is not true for French values? A) They value punctuality B) Great importance is placed on neatness and taste C) The French are easy to negotiate with D) French managers see work as an intellectual exercise E) The French consider managers to be experts 13 CORRECT A sense of frustration in not being understood is typical of which of the following stages of culture shock? A) Honeymoon B) Gradual adjustment C) Irritability and hostility ttp://highered. mcgraw-hill. com/sites/0073403342/student_view0/chapter15/multiple_ch… 11/16/2011 Multiple Choice Quiz Page 3 of 3 D) Repatriation E) Adaptation 14 CORRECT When you begin to lose confidence in your abilities to communicate and work effectively in the different culture, you are in which of the following stages of culture shock? A) Honeymoon B) Gradual adjustment C) Irritability and hostility D) Repatriation E) Adaptation 15 CORRECT Which film project was reviewed in a Snapshot from Practice? A) The Godfather B) Star Wars C) Hearts of Darkness D) Apocalypse Now E) Rambo

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